Who is your fav yoyoer


Who is yalls fav yoyoer?
and who gives u the most inspiration for your tricks?

my fav is augie fash

but my inspiration is jensen kimmet.


jensen kimmitt easily surpasses anyone on my list of favs, though for inspiration idk. probably the same

(JonasK) #3

I’ve always had MarkMont on top of my list.


I like Paul Han and Tyler serverance.

(Khent G) #5

1A Hiroyuki Suzuki and Jensen Kimmitt
2A Sinji Saito
3A KENTaro Kimura
4A Ben Conde
5A Bryan Jardin


1A augie fash
2A sinji saito
3A hank freeman
4A ian johnson
5A tyler severance

(SR) #7

For 1A-

  1. Jensen Kimmitt
  2. Yuuki Spencer
  3. Guy Wright
  4. Augie Fash
  5. Zach Gormley

Don’t care about other styles.



1a- Guy wright, Gary li, or Marcus Koh
2a- Sinji Saito
3a- Kentaro Kimura
4a- Rei Iwakura
5a- Takeshi Matsuura


2A sinji saito
3A hank freeman
4A ben conde
5A tyler severance


A. Tomas Bubak
AA. Yasushi Farukawa
AAA. Hank Freman
4A. Ben Conde.
5A. Miggers


Fav is Sebby, but inspiration is Jensen.


no else seems to like him that much, but i really love John Ando’s style


John Ando
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Luis Enrique

(Brandon Jackson) #14

1A - Jason Lee
2A - Shinji Saito
3A - Hank Freeman
4A - Sean Perez
5A - Tyler Severance


1a. Adam Brewster
2a. Grant Johnson
3a. Hank Freeman
4a. Ben Conde
5a. Sam Scott

(Big Mike) #16

All-time, Yuuki Spencer and John Ando. Right now, Christopher Chia.


Tatsuya Fujisaka, Kentaro Mannen, Yuuki Spencer, John Ando, Anthony Rojas, Charles Haycock, Sebastian Brock, Darrell Mitchell, Ahmad Kharisma


1A: Jason Lee, Augie Fash, Yuuki Spencer, Marcus Koh, Jensen Kimmitt,
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Hank Freeman
4A: Bryan Figueroa
5A: Tyler Severance


You stole my list, didn’t you? :wink:


Anthony, Harold, Tatsuya, Yuuki

Oh and Samm Scott’s 5a is insane.