favorite yoyoer

1A: Jensen Kimmitt, Augie Fash, Tyler Severance, Paul Dang, Gentry Stein, and Anthony Rojas 3A: Anthony Rojas, Paul Yath, and Kentaro Kimura 4A: Brian Figueroa, and Tyler Heish 5A: Tyler Severance, Miguel Correa, Sterling Quinn, Anthony Rojas, and Augie Fash. The list of my favorite players is not in order of who I like most. :wink: :slight_smile:

wow i have a lot too

like me??? :smiley: :smiley:

Well then type them all down. Not that hard. Might take a little time, but no big deal. :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley: ;D

i like metal man too
i will type mine maybe tomorrow

Ann Cannolly (she is one of the few girls that yoyo)

ed haponik

I’m a fan of the entertainers more than the tech throwers. Tom “YoYo Man” Smothers is the reason why I throw and in no way does he stack up to todays throwers. As for the current date, Ed Haponik, Guy Wright, Steve Brown, and John Higby show us that a story can be told w/ a YoYo. In no way am I saying that these guys aren’t tech throwers, because they are, but I feel that they are more entertainers than just “throwers”.

In no particular order…
1A: Guy Wright, Jensen Kimmitt, Yuuki Spencer, Samad Patel, Augie Fash
2A: Patrick Mitchell
3A: (Insert Name Here)
4A: Bryan Figueroa
5A: Tyler Severence, Miguel Correa

everyone has a lot of favorite yoyoers
so do i

Dude, I remember having that videotape! So rad… …Also McBride’s Gallery of String Tricks comes to mind (on a different level)


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guy, ed, dr. yoyo, samad, Luke, and i forget his name, but i think he won second in the 2008 worlds. i dont know the name of the division either. you could use any style, he juggled, and he used a fan.

but he did 5A with 3 strings

I’m really flattered to be on some of your lists. Thanks guys.

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As for right now, I find that I am watching Gentry Stein more and more often. He really kicks some solid hard butt.

The yoyoer you don’t remember might be Rei Iwakura. He contact juggled, used a fan, and used 2 counterweights on different strings in the artistic performance at the 2010 Asia Pacific contest.

Id have to say Brett Grimes

probably yuuki…he deserves to win worlds. better than the rest imo

yea yuuki is awesome!!!

Jensen for Worlds 2010

No Contest