Favorite player

I’m not gunna make a poll for this cuz I know that I’m going to accidentally leave someone out so just say you favorite yoyo player. I’l go first, Jensen kimmitt or Gentry stein

Even though Andre doesn’t compete, he’s still my favorite because he basically teached everyone how to throw.

I don’t like Jensen Kimmit, he thinks that he is too good for everyone. My favorite is Charles Haycock

Yuuki Spencer and John Ando all day.

But mad props to guys like Ben Conde and Zach Gormley, who are ever-inspiring.

André Boulay and Ma Yi.

Mark Montgomery and Gentry Stein.

My fav yoyoer has to be Paul Han. He is amazing. John Ando comes in at a close second with Augie Fash probably in third.

Andre Boulay, Jensen Kimmitt, Joseph Harris

mcsquare I see your point, he has been a bit full of himself, but I do love his style :slight_smile:

No doubt Andre Boulay. Without him I wouldn’t be here right now.

Doctor Popular

Jensen by FAR

Andre Boulay, Harold Owens, and Tyler Severance.

My favorite player is Charles Haycock orAugie Fash

It’s a tie for first between Harold Owens and Gentry Stien.

I do love watching Augie but, Andre takes the cake. Between awesome customer service coupled with a desire to teach the world to throw, he’s number one. I, and many others have been given tutorials (by Andre)that have inspired me to pursue this skill set. I do thou have some misgivings. I would like Andre to redo all of his vids in HD with a little slo mo action, kinda like what Brett does.

Andre or josh yee.


That way I can never change my mind.

In some cases, favorites can change based on performance, actions, associations or behaviors.

Or, maybe it’s because I’m keeping “it real” and have extremely low standards?

Right now, my favorite thrower is Hidemasa Semba. But others are Zach Smith, Kohta Watanabe, Doc Pop, Patrick Condon, Jensen Kimmitt, and Ryan Perez. :slight_smile:

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right now, this dude

most insane 5A I’ve seen in a long time. especially from a japanese guy