Favorite player

Zammy and Paul Han

Paul Han and mark montgomery.

Augie Fash and Harold Owens III

Chrisropher Chia
and Marcus Koh for sure!
im SHOCKED No one mentioned these 2!

I like Andre Boulay, Hank Freeman, John Chow and Christopher Chia. I agree, I was shocked no one mentioned Chia. I like Andre, John and Hank because I can see a lot of personality while playing. I can tell that they are extremely focused, serious and strive for perfection. The tricks have to executed with technical certainty. I’d guess they were perfectionists, serious guys about the technical stuff. Christopher Chia just has that way about him that exudes more confidence than I’ve ever seen, and the dude just looks so serious when he’s doing his thing. I don’t go for the smiley, flashy ones. They have to be a serious boss like you can see the wheels turning in their heads when they are throwing…hard to explain. Look at John’s face when he throws…talk about focus and style. Also, while they love the reaction of the crowd, they don’t make it so obvious that they do. I like those four most right now…bosses, smart guys and technically so on point.

That’s some awesome 5A.

To pick just one… Hank Freeman. Watching his videos online made me take the leap from yoyo as a toy to yoyo as a hobby.

Honorable mentions to Augie, Ann, Jason Lee, Corli, Paul Han… Andre is in a different tier. What’s better than favorite?

mine woiuld have 2 be jon rob (jonathan robinson) i know him personally and he is 1 of the best guys 2 talk to and just a cool dude to be around not mentioning his sick 5a skills

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Shinya Kido and Christopher Chia, but Peter Pong Si Yee is really getting freakin’ good too