Yoyo what’s up

Bump bump bu-da bu-da ba-dum ba- ba- ba -baba bu-da dum dum, this thread about to bump!

Lets bump this thang up!

BAC Pick Ups are in!


I pm’ed you!!!

^it was in the rules. Do not post in this thread!


BY THE POWER INVESTED IN ME BY THIS YoYoJam(rights reserved) Diamondback (Eric Køløski Sig. Series, rights reserved no copy right intended), I PRESENT TO YOU a bump.

Gonna update soon

I’m about to bump this thing up! Yo-yo millionaire, last name herrera, raps so hot I spit yoga fire. Every trick you made, I did it first! You should jot down my tricks so you can try at BAC. I knew who you where so don’t think I didn’t, you know you’ll never touch this breh.

Pic link is broken…

Everybody’s hands go UP!

All I do is win, I win no matter what!
Money on my mind I could never get enough! So please buy my jojoz!

Bump. Few things going in soon.

Change the Yellow OG Hitman to Non Mint. It has a nick in the side.

I have a green acid splash phenom I will sell it for 100 it plays good and is in mint condition


Oh Zammy style!

It’s been a while. Bump