What your favorite ultra fast playing yoyo?


the skyline. i cant keep up with it!


Phenom feels faster to me than the Anglam. So, I’m gonna go with Phenom.

I kinda suck. I play SLOW. I also like a lot of stuff. I just have to ensure these spinning speed demons can handle being slowed down.


The speeder. I really feel like it’s an underrated yoyo.

It’s relatively cheap, it’s mostly plastic, but it can seriously play.


RAyoyos Chupacabra


YYF Hectic.

(M.DeV1) #6

Chico Gullwing.


Code 1, ultralights


Duncan Mayhem


my Beserker. It’s on the heavier side but plays faaaassst.

(SR) #10



I can make almost all my yoyos go to my top speed, but the Phenomizm is the easiest for me to speed up.


Code 2 with domes


The Xcube La Goutte. As fast as anything I have thrown in the past 15 years.

But even more amazing to me is how little people even mention the La Goutte. To me, that is truly most interesting. I personally just cannot think of a ‘faster’ playing yoyo.

PS… very close would be another Xcube yoyo. The Teh Yo. The Newest one. And once again, another yoyo that I hear almost ‘nothing’ about on the boards. A true Super Badd yoyo. And I mean that in the best possible way. The Teh Yo is F A S T!


I’m going phenom on this one


Toxic HaZMat

(2Sick Joey) #16

X3 La Goutte