Fastest Yoyos


What are some of the faster playing yoyos you have played?

For me, it’s probably the Rebel Macrocosm.

(2Sick Joey) #2

That’s weird cause I always hear the macrocosm was very solid feeling which I wouldn’t see being fast.

My list: La Goutte, Pacquiao, mangaroo, supernova lite, supernova 2012, code 1 with al ultralights, Supra, messiah, speeder2,


Speeder 2, FirMY and Werrd Irony.



I havent tried that many yoyos, but so far its the C3 Trident.


Yeah, a lot of people say that. I don’t know why but it just seems like I’m able to move it around very, very quickly. It does have a solid feel, but I can get it around faster then any yoyo I have. I just made a video using it. I wanted it to be a very fast playing video and I used the Macrocosm and it got the job done.


X3 LaGoutte, Spyy Pro.

(SR) #7

Dude, the YYF Yuuksta plays WAY to fast for me. Also the YYF Skyline.




The dietz is pretty fast for me. And the DNA is pretty quick

(UmeNagisa) #10

Yet again!
Nobody metions the Phenom or PHENOMizm!


So far X La Goutte takes the cake for my speedy throw. YYF Yuuksta can play fast, too.

(Alex Fairhurst) #12


Yuuksta is also very fast. The Starbrite feels fast to me but I think it’s only because it’s so light.




I find I wind up playing fast with the decapod more than others. Not sure why, just seems to happen that way
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I know that it makes sense since it was Mickey’s throw, but I really didn’t think the Phenom was all that fast. Granted, I’ve only tried the most recent, lighter model (although that usually makes a yoyo feel faster to me).

It had more of a floaty feeling imo, as opposed to something like the LaGoutte that manages to feel very light, but still somehow very fast and direct.


Hohoh, man. MVP and ROCKstar 2012


I found myself cruising with the CODE1, Chief or SuperG


Overdrive. Impressive that something that big is as fast as it is.


i can make fly with my Nickle Plated Dang!

(Owen) #20

I can pretty much play anything fast, but my fastest as of now is the 2012 Supernova