Fastest Yoyos

What are some of the faster playing yoyos you have played?

For me, it’s probably the Rebel Macrocosm.

That’s weird cause I always hear the macrocosm was very solid feeling which I wouldn’t see being fast.

My list: La Goutte, Pacquiao, mangaroo, supernova lite, supernova 2012, code 1 with al ultralights, Supra, messiah, speeder2,

Speeder 2, FirMY and Werrd Irony.


I havent tried that many yoyos, but so far its the C3 Trident.

Yeah, a lot of people say that. I don’t know why but it just seems like I’m able to move it around very, very quickly. It does have a solid feel, but I can get it around faster then any yoyo I have. I just made a video using it. I wanted it to be a very fast playing video and I used the Macrocosm and it got the job done.

X3 LaGoutte, Spyy Pro.

Dude, the YYF Yuuksta plays WAY to fast for me. Also the YYF Skyline.


The dietz is pretty fast for me. And the DNA is pretty quick

Yet again!
Nobody metions the Phenom or PHENOMizm!

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So far X La Goutte takes the cake for my speedy throw. YYF Yuuksta can play fast, too.


Yuuksta is also very fast. The Starbrite feels fast to me but I think it’s only because it’s so light.


I find I wind up playing fast with the decapod more than others. Not sure why, just seems to happen that way
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I know that it makes sense since it was Mickey’s throw, but I really didn’t think the Phenom was all that fast. Granted, I’ve only tried the most recent, lighter model (although that usually makes a yoyo feel faster to me).

It had more of a floaty feeling imo, as opposed to something like the LaGoutte that manages to feel very light, but still somehow very fast and direct.

Hohoh, man. MVP and ROCKstar 2012

I found myself cruising with the CODE1, Chief or SuperG

Overdrive. Impressive that something that big is as fast as it is.

i can make fly with my Nickle Plated Dang!

I can pretty much play anything fast, but my fastest as of now is the 2012 Supernova