xcubed aware?

i just ordered me one and i really cant wait for this, has anyone every thrown one or better yet own one, if you have, please share as i would love to hear more detail about it, i own some of the heavier yoyos and my play style is more suited to a more slow but fluid kind of style which i like ALOT, but ive always wanted to move into a more faster paced kind of thing, is this aware ready to do that for me?

I have no idea about what the Aware plays like…
But if you want a faster yoyo, YoYoFactory’s 2011/2012 line all play very, very fast.
Supernova 2011, Genesis 2012, and Catalyst are my personal favorites.

It’s probably a good idea to try out different yoyo’s at a local meet, if you have one close to you.

ive tried alot of the YYF yoyos at my local club and i really love them all, ive played with alot of their high ends as well and my mind was really blown, but i own waaaay to many YYF yoyos and wanted something a little different

Well, if you don’t like it, then you can always trade it off.
If you want fast, though, I fastest thing I’ve played was 1/2 Supernova 2011, 1/2 Severe 2010 (uncapped version).

SPYY Solaris and Dynamo; onedrop CODE2 and Cascade; things like these will also be quite good.

It’s all about your preference, though.
If you feel that YYF is too abundant in your collection, go to the meet and try some other company throws.

The X3 LaGoutte is the fastest yoyo I’ve ever played, so if that’s what you want I HIGHLY recommend it. The Spyy Pro is also usually spoken of as being very fast.

I am also seriously tempted to buy this throw. It looks so innovative as well as cool. I would love to hear opinions from those that have one. I have never heard anything but good things about X-Cubed.

As for YYf being fast. Huh?
YYF makes some fine yo-yos but fast…?

How about Turning Point or Yoyorecreation? Sleipnir? Positron?
Watching the Japanese players fling those throws around is the definition of fast. Didn’t MArcus Koh put down like, three yo-yos and still pile-up enough points to win Worlds? That is fast.

The Positron isn’t particularly fast. Definitely more of a power throw with good stability and spin time. Marcus Koh can play it very quickly, but that’s not really what is meant by a “fast” yoyo.

I find the added density and the stable positioning of that weight combines to make what I call a “fast” yoyo.

A good test for me, is boingy-boings. I can make my Positron move from string to string much faster than a Code2. That is how I define fast. The added density gives me more weight and momentum. There is no float. Just zip.

How do you define fast?

Why did no one mention
The Phenom and PHENOMizm?
Those are FAST

That’s now how I see anyone else defining it. There’s no practical measurement, imo, like how quickly you can move it between boings. It’s a sensation. A way of describing how a yoyo feels when you play it, like “float”. Yoyo’s aren’t actually floating, they just seem to move in a “floaty” way.

I can ultimately play my LaGoutte and my Positron at relatively the same speed, but the LaGoutte accomodates that speed in an almost effortless way. I barely feel its weight on the string and just the slightest movements seem to prompt lightning fast reactions from it. It hits the string with just a light, but solid, action that feels very efficient and precise. With the Positron, it’s more like I’m yanking it around on the string, and trying corral its momentum. It hits the string with more authority and just generally doesn’t beg to played quite as quickly. But it does make up for that in spin time and stability.

Agreed. Phenom is way fast.

My Code 1 is SUPER FAST!!!

While I’ve never tried the aware, the drop bear by tenyoyo move very quickly and effortlessly. I think that it would be a great yoyo to start branching out from yoyofactory.

I say go for it. It looks to me like it would play fast. Not too much rim weight.

Sleipnir is very fast.

Fastest yoyo I’ve tried anyways. I like to play a bit slower and more relaxed but it seems with my Slepinir everything just feels faster. And better. Also, it spins forever.