Fast Throws

I’ve never read much about throws that people find to be fast. By fast, I mean throws that can quickly transition between tricks and change direction in an instant. I prefer to play fast and have found that my top 3 throws for perceived “fastness” are:

  1. Spyy SpeedFreak
  2. YYJ Phenom
    3 Chico Del Toro (probably the fastest)

There are others that are very fast, such as many YYR, and the Anglam, ect. But I found the three I listed to be the fastest for me. Do you have any throws you’d add to the list or that you think play fast?


  1. God Tricks Destiny
  2. Werrd Poo OR YYJ PHENOMizm
  3. ILYY Fury (Slowest of the 4, but when pushed it goes effortlessly)

Then again, all our choices are quite subjective. :wink:

Mine are

  1. YYJ Speed Maker
  2. YYJ Speeder
  3. SPYY Speed Freak

they even sound fast

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LaGoutte and Moonwalker.

Both of these are almost fast to a fault, imo. It seems like the slightest little tug I would normally give to a yoyo during a trick sends these things rocketing across the room. Especially the LaGoutte, I have to play it a little different on purpose.

The Chico gullwing is absolutely the fastest throw I have ever thrown. Far faster then the phenom, speedfreak and any other yoyo I have tried that calls itself “fast.”

Yeah, I agree! The La Goutte definately belongs in the top now that I think of it. It is prob a little faster than the Phenom.

Really? I haven’t tried one yet, I’ll have to pick one up. :slight_smile:

Oh yea, CLYW Avalanche is pretty fast.

La Goutte flies! Even though I play slowly I love it. Wooly Marmot can tear it up speed wise as well.

YYJ Theory
YYJ Titan3
YYJ Trinity

I don’t really test out yoyos for quickness but I do know shorter string also helps tricks go faster although Hiroyuki Suzuki’s yoyos (Phenom, Phenomizm and Equilateral) are probably quite good for fast play as he’s known for his incredible speed.

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