What yoyo is good for slower,smooth,and stable play?

Im looking to buy a new yoyo that is good for slower play and that is smooth and stable for about 50$

What yoyo do you have now? And what do you like?

You’ll get about 100 recommendations… And they’ll all be pretty good. If you tell more about your preferences the responses might be better…

Without more info, I’d say the shutter might be right up your alley for under $50… Or the TooHOT if you go just over $50… Both are smooth and stable and they’re both fairly wide, lo-walled, and forgiving…

Bigger throws with lots of rim weight sound like what you’d want but there’s not much in the under $50 range. Might check out the jaeger from YOYOOFFICER

Shutter sounds perfect.

I just got a Jaeger the other day, and it’s nail on the head for what you were looking for I think. It /can/ go faster, but you can tell it just wants to cruise around at it’s own pace.


Bench marks are good.

C3 Level 6. I’ve never met a C3 that wasn’t smooth and stable. And it’s got some cool color patterns, which is unusual at the $50 range.