What is the best yoyo


I have a yyj atmosphere and i love it to death it is a great yoyo to learn new tricks with dont get me wrong but it seems that when ever i try my best to pick up the speed it begins to catch and also starts to build up string tention really fast i need a yoyo that can keep up with high speed play any segestions?


The yyj speeder 2 is a great, fast, and cheap yoyo.


Number one piece of advice… Learn to deal with the tention … It happens now, and always will…

Do you have a budget? For 85$ the supernova lite is incredible with speed, it’s a nice stable, all metal design and smooth too… Similar products for a lesser price, the nova for 65$ and the protostar for 35$


Knowing a budget can greatly help people make recommendations but with that being said anything light and small (undersized) will play fast.

String tension is a factor of how you play and the strings your using. The yoyo itself has nothing to do with tension. Maintaining proper tension is something you just have to get a feel for and learn to deal with it.


love my supernova lite to death. It is great, fast, smooth, everything that up there ^^^^^^
and it has some nice colorways


There is no best yoyo, but there is a best yoyo for you. But to help us find that best yoyo we need to know more about your preferences. So what do you like in a yoyo; do you like undersized or fullsized, do you have a budget? These are things we need to know so we can help you.


You need to be very specific with your prefrences so we can help. I love going fast but also want a very long spinning yoyo that I can go slow with if I please and it has to be very stable. I would recommend the code 1 and supernova but since I do not know your budget then if you want cheap and fast I would say the nova or supernova lite.


that’s a good way to go