New Yoyo


Thinking about getting a new yoyo in the 70-85 dollar way thinking about maybe the y-factor or like the yyf 85 dollar yoyos which yoyos do u like in this range what’s ur style of play and why do u like it. (I have another post but don’t know how to delete it so sorry.


I LOVE a throw that’s light, fast, and stable. If you went up a few bucks more I’d say the One Drop 54, but I’d have to say the Werrd Poo is also a good throw that’s quick and stable.


I like the ILYY Void. Nice size for me, super smooth, and kind of in the middle in terms of weight, not to heavy and not too light.

But if you decided on a Y-Factor, that would not be a bad choice either. It’s one of my favorite undersized yoyo’s.

But if I was getting a new yoyo in that price range, I think I would get a Burnside.

(Vizoh) #4

If it was yyf i would go with genises…but burnside is a good choice


I narrowed it down to Code 1, Remnant 2, Spy addiction, y- factor, or genisis


Yyf genesis!!! Omg it’s absolutely perfect for your price range and skill level. I simply love it.


I was leaning toward either the Spyy Adiction or Remenant 2