What's a good yoyo for...... Press this topic!

What’s a good yoyo that is in the price range between 65-110 dollars? I’m looking for

-good for speed
-all around Unique

          So far I have been looking into getting a

-OD 54
-OD Dietz
-OD Code 1
-OD Dang
-YYF Catalyst
-Possibly a Toxic Hazmat
-Possibly a G2 Albatross
-Spyy Spyder 2
-Spyy Solaris
-Spin Dynamics Smooth Move

Like to hear your thought’s

Thx, Floosh

Any of the one drops you mentioned play super smooth and has adjustable weight with side effects so they can play fast or slow

YYj Phenomizm

try recrev. some people that I’ve met don’t like their throws as much, but imo they are what you’re looking for.

For 10 more dollars theres the Skyline, which is dead smooth, super stable and just awesome.

Any of those mentioned will work.

The Albatross seems to want to move at its own pace but if you want to push it to play fast, it will gladly comply and be happy doing so.

The Dietz seems to want to move fast. It seems to like moving fast.

The Code One can change personalities based on the side effects, as can the 54.

Outside your range, the Phenom is a speed machine, smooth, stable and never wants to stop. Short of that, going plastic, the Phenomizm is a bit slower but otherwise similar.

Actually the phenoms yoyoexpert released today with nickel rims and no gold plate aro only 117$ so a bit out but close to your rnge: Here is a link: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/244/YYJ-PHENOM

Thx for the feedback guys!

they look so… weird now that hiroyuki left.

Of what you listed, I would go with the code 1. It’s still in my eyes one of the best performing yoyos to date.

Or another option, the werrd irony. Werrd in general seems to be pretty overlooked usually, and I’m not sure why. My irony is the best competition yoyo I’ve ever used.

Yeah. Wow. They look so generic. I really want a blue one. I might have to splurge for one. I have the nickel plated with gold rims. When I heard Mickey left YYJ, I made sure I completed my collection of his “decent stuff” before there was a chance to remove his name from it.

I am also looking a the Werrd Irony. I have two of a TFL Delorean and a 4XL and those are great. But, those are a bit “dated” due to shape, and I’m interested in something a bit more updated.

Similar in shape is the Monkey Finger Evil Yo.

The Irony and the Evil Yo are both on my wants list. Hoping BST will be my friend when I am ready to buy. But if not, there’s still the YYE store.

why is this in the reviews section???

your not posting a review about a yoyo, your asking for help, so it should to looking for help recommendation

get a code 2 natalius

he wants something good for speed, stock Code 2’s are to heavy to play fast with, if you want them to play fast, your going to need to pick up some ultra light side effects. The only problem is finding a code 2.

will in work with a code 1 or 54?

A Skywalker would be perfect in my opinion, but that’s a little out of your price range…