C3X (Fingerspin)


Hey Guys,

Just seen the announcement from C3YoYo Design that the release date for the C3X (fingerspin) is on the 30/1/17. Just wondering if YYE will be stocking them?




We’re still waiting for them to arrive, but we should have them in time for the release. Excited to try this one!


Cost estimate on them? :slight_smile:


I haven’t thought about it until now but C3’s bimetals have been pretty expensive. Berserkers were $180 and Krown ST’s were $200.

Their throws have gotten a little cheaper over the years though so I’m hoping it’ll be under $130 or 140.


Super stoked for this one, finger spins are my favourite trick.

When are you expecting to announce them being ready for sale Garrett?


FINGERSPIN will not hurt your wallet !!


Meaning??? :wink:


Where will it hurt me?!?


Lol! :joy:




I’m assuming face since I’m not that good at fingerspins

(rizkiyoist) #12

Or the string will accidentally catch the spinning yoyo and it will HURT REALLY BAD @#@)!@#$!!!


In Horizon sales? If not maybe the fingers.


3 days before release, I wonder when we will get price, specs, and solid pictures. Hmmm…


Right! I’m surprised there isn’t more info being put out about this! Super exciting but if the specs aren’t right I may have to walk away from this one… maybe :wink:


Its going to be $134, some released on another store.


That’s pretty funny!

Somehow I think Horizon sales are safe…


I think this is super sick. Its an epic design and looks to be an amazing player. I might get drilled for saying this, maybe not. But does anyone else think this takes the challenge out of fingerspins? It oddviously opens up tons of possiblities. Your finger isnt going anywhere with that cup. Unlike some of the others we love, Horizon ext, takes a bit more precison to hit. Ill most likely snag one. Anyone feel the same? Note: not knocking just curious.


The only issue I see is that these centering dimples can be a crutch. That’s really only an issue if you’d like to be able to do decent fingerspins on yoyos that don’t feature a centering dimple.

I found that when I did fingerspins on my Popstar, without continuing to practice on other yoyos, my technique backslid a good bit. The dimple takes away the need to develop the loose finger that is necessary to increase spin time on other yoyos. Also, with some yoyos it’s better to get into the fingerspin from a less than horizontal angle.

So, if you want to be able to do good fingerspins on lots of different yoyos, you need to make sure you practice them on lots of different yoyos!


so admittedly i went a little crazy(er) when i decided to try to learn how to do fingerspins. if i had any advice to give someone looking for a yo-yo to help them learn, it would be to get one that does more than just feel good fingerspinning.
i learned way more with the Horizon, and it’s also been a cool yo-yo to practice the stuff i normally do. most of my favorite throws are on the undersized end, and playing a full sized yo-yo has also been a learning experience and kind of fun. i have not done much with the other throws i got that were dimpled, and i even gave my Skyva away to someone trying to learn fingerspins, because i didn’t really pick it up after a few marathon monotonously long spins.