What Should I Buy

So I’ve been using the yuuksta for quite some time now and I really want a regular sized yoyo since they spin longer and are more stable but I really don’t know what to get.

I’m super picky about looks, if its ugly but amazing I most likely wont get it lol.

*I like relatively fast play but it has to be able to do smooth/slow combos as well.
*The C3 Trident is pretty awesome but I’d have to buy the green/silver splash off someone in the b/s/t because the other ones dont really interest me O: (does anyone have one and how much would you charge)
*Any yoyo’s you guys would suggest?

Thanks in advance~

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean longer spin and more stability. If you like the Yuuksta, you’d probably like the YYF Genesis. Otherwise, the C3 yeah3 and DarkSonic are also pretty good. Now, those are all around the $80 - $100 mark. If money is of no real concern, I can readily recommend the C3 Berserker and Turning Point Positron (both at around the $180 mark) which are both crazy long spinning and stable.


Yeah I guess so though they have to be a little better O: and lol well money is kind of a factor in this because though I can afford most of the higher priced yoyo’s my parents find it crazy that I spent $40 on the yuuksta so I cant imagine how they’d react to buying a $100+ one (: I’ll probably buy my next yoyo from the b/s/t again.

I have looked at the dark sonic and I’m not really fond of the thick edge/thumb grind area but the yeah’s pretty nice (: thanks for the suggestions~