Can someone give me a recommendation?

Well on my birthday i am going to get a yoyo but not for more than 55 to 60 bucks so as people say what would be the best bang for our buck in that price range?
Ive tried loads 888 superstar meteor phenomizm and i loved them but i would like something different,something super stable and that can be played horizontally i generally like heavier yoyos and shape doesnt matter a long as it can fit the preferences i stated even f it is a bit light but horizontal playablity and stability are my main goals if it can grind that would be a huge bonus thnx also i like oversized yoyos but if its undersized no problem
I have bin told the gfunk champions collection fits my specs what doyou think?

The YYF CZM84VK is fantastic value for its price. It’s step-V shaped and has low walls so it’ll be good for horizontal, and it also grinds very well. It isnt very floaty or silky, it’s very deliberate and kind of robotic on the string, but it’s stable, good for horizontal and grinds, and it’s only slightly outside your price range.

Not the only option obviously, and it might be too expensive, but one that’s worth looking into in my opinion.

I would definitely recommend the Duncan Strix. I threw one at Worlds, and man is it smooth. It is seriously like a high end yoyo with low end price tag ($55). Great at horizontal too. And from the limited play I had with it, it seemed really stable. I will certainly be getting one eventually.

Agree! But it does not grind too well. I would also have a look at the yoyojam theory.

I definitely feel like you should be looking into the yoyoofficer brave or the god tricks reverie if you need something oversized

Thinking price, the following options might work:

The YoYofficer Aura was designed for horizontal play. In the outer rim, there’s a little cupped area for the finger spins. Not a fantastic grinder though.

I haven’t played the DiBase II, but I have the DiBase, and while I think they are both mid-sized, they are both decent at horizontal. The DiBase can grind, so I assume the DiBase II will also be a grind-friendly design. I’ll be getting a DiBase II in a couple of months. However, I think you might be able to do something a bit better. I think simply having something larger would be a better option.

If over-sized is your goal, the God Tricks Bounty Hunter is worth exploring. $50 and a lot of fun. The King Yo Star Bossman is another great over-sized, but the inner portion of the rim isn’t that great for the gyro-type finger spin grinds. I think these usually go for around $30.

The G-Funk(any version) is an H-shape. This yoyo is really small so it’s not a good fit for me. I really can’t say anything bad abot the yoyo. I got one for my son and he likes it a lot. I just prefer more V-type shapes and full sized, so the G-Funk wasn’t a good yoyo for me. However, as far as your other requirements, it’s pretty much addressing most of the items you’re after. For me, when I push that yoyo fast, it doesn’t seem to be as stable. I do have to question how much of that problem is “me” related. In general, I’m not sure if this would be ideal for you. This one I would strongly recommend trying first because of the H-shape. This shape isn’t quite as good for horizontal, but the way this yoyo is designed, it can do it.