I need a new yoyo...


Guys I need a new yoyo I have completed up to advanced part 2 on the site and could do spirit bomb, laceration, and hour glass so you could get an idea of my skill level… My DV888 broke and I could barely do these tricks on my shaqlerstar and yyj classic yoyos… I rounded my choices to the ones above… My preferences are: a yoyo that could do long string tricks, from expert level to master level, could do horizontal, could do arm grinds, thumb grinds, and horizontal finger grinds, and is very stable… If you are gonna recommend a different yoyo keep it under $100 but please vote what you think of the above that are best for me and my preferences… Thanks


A c3 Dibase (1 or 2)is for you and it only 55$ or a yoyoofficer aura great for finger spins and horizontal, only 50$


A new yoyo isn’t going to help you get to the next level. I find if I can’t do it on a cheap yoyo(like a PSG, stackless grind machine, classic with ugprades…), a new yoyo won’t help me “bridge the gap”.

Pick whatever you want from your list. All are great from what I hear. If your’re budget minded, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Duncan Echo, but I think you’ll like the Metropolis better for your horizontal needs better. Be warned, the Metropolis might be a string eater, but Duncan will swap it. Just don’t go tweaking with it.

Can’t say enough good things about the Capless. I also really enjoy the DiBase, but I haven’t tried the DiBase 2 yet. The DiBase series is mid-sized, so just be warned there, but the designs are boss for horizontal.

No experience with the Strix, too new. I’m not sure if I’m gonna get this one yet.

Werrd Hour is one I’m seriously looking at. It’s over-sized at 59.9mm in diameter, but at 66.7 grams, it’s light for its size, which is no doubt due to the slightly narrow width. Regardless, this is still a yoyo I intend to buy. If you’re into a bit more angular, the God Tricks Bounty Hunter might be worth investigating and it’s cheaper. The YoYofficer Aura is another one to check out in this price range.

I get mixed messages from the AYCE, unfortunately mostly negative. I guess this yoyo just doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. It’s not a model I have interest in, but I would like to give one a try and see what I think about it. My overall impression with Crucial yoyos isn’t that fantastic. It’s not a matter of quality, it’s just their designs don’t seem to visually connect well with me outside of the delrin Half & Half. But hey, you can’t please everyone, right? I would be willing to try any of their stuff though.

The RecRev Sine//saw is worth checking out and is in your price bracket, but the STAX axle system means it’s not good for those gyro spins unless you can land right on the nub.


^ This. Check what can be done with a PSG:

Just further proof of what Studio42 said. Jensen won Worlds with a Northstar (Shaqlerstar) and whilst we’re of the subject of Yuji Kelly and Shaqlerstars…

I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy a new throw, but if you can’t do all your tricks on the Shaqlerstar or Classic, then you just need more practice, not a new yoyo.


the Dibase 1 or 2 are good for what your wanting to learn.


…at the risk of being redundant, Studio’s counsel is worthy of over emphasis. Don’t fall into the trap of convincing yourself this “need” of a new yoyo will smooth the pathway to more accomplished tricks. All the throws on your list are of fine quality I’m certain. I personally only have two, the Echo and Capless. I enjoy them both immensely. However I also own a NorthStar which of course is the same as your Shaqlerstar and I have to tell you there is nothing I can do with the Echo or Capless that I can’t also do just as well with the NorthStar. Certainly get the new metal yoyo if you wish to have one on your list. However Studio is 100% on target, none of these will be your magic carpet ride to the next level.

It’s not the throw you hold in your hand, it’s the skill you have achieved in your throw. :wink:


Having never used any of these, I’m going off of other people’s opinions.
Any of the C3 yoyos would be great, just go with what shape looks better to you.
The Werrd Hour is a little oversized, but supposedly it’s great.
The Strix idk yet.


If you can’t do a trick on your Shaqlerstar you can’t do it on a superstar, chief, or any other high end yoyo. Getting a more expensive yoyo won’t make you better, but if you still want a new one, the werrd hour is great! Good luck!