Good horizontal yoyos

Does anyone have some recommendations for some yoyos that are good for horizontal? Please, nothing over $80.

I’ve been looking at the Hatchet and the Bepop, and they look like they’d be pretty good for horizontal.

Anything low walled with good rim weight is good for horizontal.

So, do the two yoyos (Hatchet and Bepop) that I mentioned have low walls? Sorry, but I can’t really tell. :smiley:

I wouldn’t suggest either of those 2 for horizontal.

If it must be under 80 maybe shutter or rally.

Valor, or quake would be better

I already own a Shutter AND a Rally already.

But thanks for telling me that the Hatchet and Bepop wouldn’t be great for horizontal. I still want one of them, even if it isn’t that good at horizontal.

Starting from cheapest and going to highest in price:
Onestar (I love these guys even though they’re pretty light)
Alpha Crash ( I hear they’re prone to vibe but mine is plenty smooth for $20 and loads of fun)
Prowing 1A (cheap good delrin if you can find it)
Kilter (smaller and cheaper superstar)
Northstar (good and hopefully they fixed the cracking)
Protostar (faster less stable northstar)
IMP (midsize which I love and nice shape)
Addiction (Another throw that would be easy to get rid of if you don’t like it)
CZM8 (Seems like a good choice)
Rally (Definitely worth consideration but I think it’s boring)
Severe (I’d rather have a onestar over this. Didn’t like the feel of mine)
Shutter (Excellent throw and the blasted just makes it better)
Echo 2 (Haven’t heard much on this guy but worth checking out)
Aura (weird and not for everyone but might look good to you)
Level 6 (another good choice)
V (prone to vibe but loads of fun)
Crazy D (I love this yoyo)
Hatchet (Fast playing and awesome ano)
Benchmark V or H (side effects on a great USA made throw)
Material (based off the yoyomonster checkmate which I love)
Octave 1st Gen (I’d personally choose this or the superstar myself for horizontal)
Silly Goose (Would get an octave instead unless you prefer this shape)
@ (Would get an octave instead unless you prefer this shape)
Sine//Saw (Not a fan of stax)
Pulsefire (Gotta buy it straight from the manufacturer on the BST)
86400 (if you want something more oversized go for this beast of a throw)
Bebop (If it’s as good as the proto it’ll be awesome. Has plenty of hype and could easily be gotten rid of if you don’t like it)
Astrology (more awesome yoyomonster products)
Superstar (2013 model and definitely worth checking out)
Trump (Extremely cheap bimetal)
Aviator (I hear it’s crazy stable)
Gambit (Gotta buy it straight from the manufacturer on the BST)

I like the list. I’ll look into some of these.

Can I ask you why?

Very comprehensive list there, Sparhawk =) The only throw I can think of that’s missing is the Duncan Strix.


Honestly, any YYR should do. Throws that are good for horizontals will have an aggressive V-shape.

Totally under $80 :stuck_out_tongue: THe only ones left on the site for under $80 are undersized which are not going to be that great and if we’re counting the BST then there would be a lot more available.

Aggressive V is fine for horizontal… but so is H. Even more rim weight with an H.

My best horizontal player is the Gambit. Prior to that it was the Chik. Both are modified “H meets V” shapes by no coincidence.

I don’t know much about the bebop or hatchet, but I can say if you could get a used Equilateral or Code1, those are very good for horizontal.