what yoyos are good for horizontal and 1a


currently im learning horizontal on the superwide i got from the mystery bag and it the best yoyo i ever used but i need more throws to put on the Christmas list so what are your recommendations. also it need to by at least under 40 dollars and can be plastic or metal.


My recommendation would be the C3 Yeah3 or the Werrd Irony JP.


(UmeNagisa) #3

Under 40?

I don’t think Ironies and yeah3s are under 40 haha

Protostar,northstar, Chaser, trigger, classic(upgraded)

All SWEET for it.

I’d say northstar and chaser are the best bets


Horizontal? Chaser would probably be best, considering its shape.


Horizontal: 2A yoyos.
1A: everything else.


PHENOM Man!!! You gots to get the Phenom!


so Im choseing between the shaqlerstar, chaser or psg

(UmeNagisa) #8

i say Shaqlerstar

it lends itself to 1A more so than chaser
and handles horizontal just as good

if you want to do just constant horizontal, Chaser

(SR) #9

I would save up and get something really nice.

Like a Code 2. Or Genesis or Supernova.



Fix’d for you, if by “really nice” you mean “more expensive”.

Yeah, the DreadnoughtG makes horizontals super easy and extremely safe.


For $40 and is good for both play styles. The North Star is within you budget and a good throw. Has a nice shape and will play horizontal.

Now in my opinion I would save about 15 dollars and get a c3yoyodesign Di base. It has a v shape so it will do horizontal very well and it can do 1a stupendously. It honestly plays with hundred dollar throws.