i want one really bad all three of them(production phenom, the retail phenom, and the phenomizm)

do any one of u guys want one?

production phenom
yoyojam phenom and phenomizm

Yeah, I want 1 So Bad!
But, I just want a Phenom. I don’t really want a Phanomizm.

I so want one!

Anyone know how they play compared to each other? I heard the phenomizm plays really fast, does the the phenom play faster? Does it do even better in any other areas?

Oh, and do the gold rims make them play any different then the silver-colored rims?

Can some one explain the difference btw the 3 phenom

The one in the picture labeled “Production Phenom” was an earlier design that is not going into full production. The PHENOM is all metal while the PHENOMizm is plastic with a metal ring. I find that the PHENOMizm plays faster and generally more to my preference than the PHENOM.