(BB) #1

theres two phenoms?theres one with the ring in the middle and one with the rings on the rim and its on a plastic body?

(Matty#14) #2

the one with the rings towards the middle is called the PhenomIZM. The Phenom has Metal rims on the outside, with a metal body. If i remember right, the rims are annoed and a different metal. Im probably wrong though.


Phenomizm plastic with metal rings
Phenom metal with gold 24k rings

(Ariq) #4

You guys got it wrong.

The rings on the PhenomIZM and Phenom are made out of a mixture of NICKEL.
But the rings on the PhenomIZM is CHROME Plated while the ones on the Phenom is GOLD plated

(BB) #5

(Ariq) #6

That is the Pre-Production one.


I don’t even know if they are gold plated, annoed, or what not. But I think their are different colorways for those parts.


the IZM plas. with metal rings phenom is metal with gold platted metal rings :slight_smile: