theres two phenoms?theres one with the ring in the middle and one with the rings on the rim and its on a plastic body?

the one with the rings towards the middle is called the PhenomIZM. The Phenom has Metal rims on the outside, with a metal body. If i remember right, the rims are annoed and a different metal. Im probably wrong though.

Phenomizm plastic with metal rings
Phenom metal with gold 24k rings

You guys got it wrong.

The rings on the PhenomIZM and Phenom are made out of a mixture of NICKEL.
But the rings on the PhenomIZM is CHROME Plated while the ones on the Phenom is GOLD plated

That is the Pre-Production one.

I don’t even know if they are gold plated, annoed, or what not. But I think their are different colorways for those parts.

the IZM plas. with metal rings phenom is metal with gold platted metal rings :slight_smile: