Main difference between phenom and phenomizm!

I need help telling the difference between the two! I have a pic on my bst and I think its a phenom because of the color, but im not 100%. Need help so i can have the right name for the yoyo so i dont cheap out any buyers!

Phenom is metal

Phenomism is plastic

Metal, but with cap removed, has a slight spike inside.

Phenomizm: Plastic with metal weight ring. If the cap is removed, the solid spin axle is easily seen(as is the case with any YYJ using this system)

They do play similar. The Phenomizm is solid where-as the Phenom feels a bit hollow and sounds like a spinning metal can. This feeling and sound is reduced a bit with the caps removed, but I like how the caps look.

So I have a Phenom! Thanks so much!!!