(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #1

i have noticed that Yoyojam has a lot of new yoyos out in the $40 range. They all look great, but which should i buy?
I have considered buying the following:
Hitman Pro
Dark Magic 2
Equinox (i know its for 4a. i want to try something a little smaller than the bigyo)
Original Hitman
a second Sunset and a Lyn Fury
a Lyn Fury and a Kickside

Also, do you guys know what other yoyos will be upgraded to the solid spin axle? Any of the cheaper ones like Legacy, Lyn Fury, or Kickside?

(laxdude99) #2

I personally like the sfx over all of the choices and I don’t know if yyj will put a ssa on the plastics


The SFX is so cool looking, so smooth. It’s my favorite. DM2 plays just as smooth, and has everything. It’s better for grinds, has an IRG, silicone response, and is good for snap starts. Either of these is the best deal for your money (my opinion).

I have huge expectations for Hitman Pro, but haven’t tried one.

Equinox is really cool for 4A. Doesn’t snag on you, but requires a disciplined bind. Very stable with its weight distribution.

I love the Hitman and Atmosphere, but due to quality control problems, I wouldn’t buy one online. I’ve returned 3 Hitmans and 1 Atmosphere. Hitmans were either cracked or vibey, and my first Atmosphere was severely unbalanced. I also tried my friend’s Atmosphere with Solid Spin and was disappointed with the vibe. However, both these yoyos are fantastic when you find a good one. I have a good Hitman and Atmosphere. The Hitman is the most comfortable yoyo to hold and grinds great. The Atmosphere is heavy and very stable and the textured plastic is even better for grinds.

2A is the funnest ever. I have 2 Sunsets. They can be super-responsive and are adjustable gap. 2010 is the year of 2A for me and I love playing with them. I stink at it.

Everyone loves the Lyn Fury and Kickside. Solid plastic yoyos. Lyn Fury is more responsive with double o-ring. I prefer the Lyn Fury’s shape.

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #4

thats a little more info than i needed, but thanks!

im looking for something that is just all around fun! are any of these yoyos funner than some of the others?


A second Sunset Trajectory will open up another very challenging (and fun) world of yoyoing! Your non-dominant hand will thank you. Then you can afford the Lyn Fury too! Good luck choosing!


The equinox is awesome! I had to put my axle and slim bearing in it from my dark magic the large bearing was a pain to bind! But to old axle fit into the dark magic just fine so all is good, plus imwasnt using the slim bearing anyways.


If it were me, I’d go for the new HM Pro. Be bold. ;D