Phenomizm or Dark Magic II

In your opinion, which of these two yo-yos should I get? Thanks.

Since you’re still a beginner, I would suggest not getting an expensive yoyo right away. I would recommend getting a Lyn Fury.

O.K. if you are begginer, you really should just get the DM2. It has a training bearing (which just fails) and a Speed bearing for unresponsive and master up level play. But Phenomizm, that’s just too much.

Why should you get the DM2 if the thin bearing fails? ::slight_smile:

If you don’t like the Lyn Fury’s responsive play anymore, silicone it. At least that will start you with your siliconing journey. Also, it plays like a dream when it’s siliconed.

Actually, when I say that it fails, I mean that it can’t handle too advanced tricks. But a simple bind, is possible on a thin bearing. And I don’t think DM2 is too far from begginer. DM2 is meant for begginers progressing all the way to master level. Just change the bearing whenever you want to.

But phenomizm is so high class that even I can’t get one.

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yup I think the dm2 will serve you well, but if you like undersize you can go fot Hitman pro because it has training bearing too

Yeah, other YYJ Bi-Metals will also do.