ENEME or phenomizm?

I don’t know which yoyo to buy , ENEME or phenomizm.

Two totally different yoyo’s. I’d say get em both.

What are your preferences? What tricks do you like more? More extreme play (horizontals, hops, etc.) or more technical play?

I’m more intermediate to advanced. I’m looking for a yoyo that will bring me to the next level. Also I’m 11 I can’t get them both.

There isn’t any yoyo that can make you better/bring you to the next level.
I suppose you have DM II. I have one, it’s an amazing throw and it is able to handle any trick, even horizontals.
What tricks do you know?

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Cold fusion , kwijibo, buddha’s revenge, eli hops, grinds, dr. strange , suicide. I’m at that level of play.

I recommend you to practice more, learn more advanced tricks and then buy a new throw.
The only thing your DM can’t do is some types of grinds.
If I were choosing between Eneme and Phenomizm after DM I would pick Eneme because it is more different from DM.

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It’s personal preference. what do you have now? I’d personally go with whatever’s more different so you can see what you like more in a yoyo. I’m going to guess you have a dm2, in which case I’d go with the eneme.
Undersized, metal, lighter, etc.
Plus if you want to do any kind of grinding, it’ll be much better than a phenomizm for it.

The phenomizm is a great yoyo though. it’s fast and dare I say… phenomenal for suzuki’s style of play. easily the best plastic I’ve used.

just stay with your dm2 for a while but if you need to get the phenoizm i like mine soooo much

The best option is just stick with DM and learn more tricks.

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Thanks guys! I’m gonna stick with the DMll for awhile.