Let’s start off here. I am an intermediate player but still know alot. I had a Dark Magic and worked myself up to a ENEM3. When I first threw it down it was much different then the Dark Magic and even though I can bind, I couldn’t on here. Then I could. Now I love this yoyo. I couldn’t do the Brain Twister easily on the Dark Magic but on the ENEM3 it’s super easy. The good things about this yoyo is that it’s great, good for string tricks, metal, sleeps good, and is just good all round, but the Cons are scratches easily, at first makes sort of an eery noise and hard to bind on at first. Here are the specifications

Quantity 18 item(s) available
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Shape Butterfly / Wing

Weight (g) 64.50
Width (mm) 41.70
Diameter (mm) 50.32
Gap Width (mm) 4.50
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 in x .500 in x .187 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System YoYoJam Silicone Pad

If your test trick was a brainstwister… I would recommend using your DM for awhile until you get a bit more advanced, your gonna end up beating the crap out of it before you know it.

Brain Twister should be easy as cr*p on a Dark Magic, sorry to say. You can’t really outgrow a Dark Magic in terms of learning, perhaps even in performing.

Happy you like it though.

Quantity 18 item(s) available

what was the point of writing that? :-\

he copied and pasted

What is the point of posting this? Just overlook it. No need to point out his faults.


What does what Icthus posted have to do with you being a beginner at yoyoing?

It means he’s a beginner at forums. :wink:

Chase my friend the Dark magic is perfect for any thing you cant out grow it i is the best for 1A 3A 4A 5A
you notice that it is in ever section as beginner intermediate and advanced


the scratches arent bad, but the ENEME is better and WAYYY easier to do tricks on…but the dark magic is really good for 4A!!!

if you are keep using eneme while your begininer your going to get really bad posture, and your trick is not going to be smooth. If it is hard to do tricks on DM ITS YOU, not the yoyo. DM itself is a great yoyo. You have to keep practice on it.

the reason dm is in all thos trick video is because DM is Andre’s signiture yoyo.
Wouldn’t it be wierd if you have signiture yoyo but use other yoyo in your vid?

I know its great, but i feel like theres something wrong with it, it will stop in the middle of a trick or come up