YYF G5 or YYJ PHENOM?!!!!!!!? Please help!!!!!

Hi, I was wondering what yo-yo would be a better choice to buy. The YYF G5 or the YYJ PHENOM. I can do quite a bit of Advanced tricks and a few Expert tricks. And I can do 3/4 of And Whut… Anybody no what I should buy? Thank you sooooo much!!! Also, if you or someone you know may be selling a G5 or a PHENOM, I would love it if you let me know. THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!

Honestly if you are not out of the master tricks then you don’t need a high end yoyo like the phenom but the G5 probably isn’t a bad choice for your skill level. I personaly liked the G5 better and still do. I kept both my G5s and traded my phenom. The phenom was just lacking in the spin time department, OK stability (nothing special there), and honestly at 69 grams it was not built for speed. Or at least did not feel like it anyway.

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g5 all the way

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phenom is so good i recomend it more than the g5

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Phenom is great. Even though the yoyo may be advanced for your level of play, when you get better you won’t need to upgrade to a new yoyo which you might have to do with the g5

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Any 100$ modern metal yoyo will be able to handle everything on this website. With that being said I would choose the g5

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yyr blink

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The G5 is an incredible yo-yo. I have several.

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Nicholi is selling one, I believe. It’s beat but still a g5.

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a couple things

  1. exclamation points do not help your point/question.

  2. type in all caps and most people will read it in the voice of a screaming 10 year old.

  3. The yoyoing community is a great place and people will generally try to be helpful but recommendations are all based on preference my personal choice currently would be a phenom because i am getting into horizontal and and more suicide type tricks but i like a heavier yoyo for when im just messing around. Just pick whatever you feel like if you like the shape of the G5 go ahead and get it it’s a stable yoyo and hubstacks are fun (but spikes are more fun). But if you wanna try a V shape that plays lighter buy a phenom.


Many of the yoyos here on this web site can go through just about any trick.

Get a DM2. It’s cheaper, and it will take from zilch to master if you want it to and let it.

Having said that, I have no interest in a G5 and do have a Phenom, so I won’t give an unfair comparison because I can’t compare with something I’ve never played. I also won’t talk down about the G5 either. But, even so, YYF makes great stuff too. The right yoyo in the right hands that is a good pairing with the player is a marvelous thing, regardless of brand of model.

(note: I’m definitely NOT anti-YYF. I have 8 YYF yoyos and I enjoy them all very much. I don’t have any others planned for future purchases at the moment, but we all know that will change in time!)

I know first hand that the yoyo is merely a tool and the skills have to be there to get the tricks done. I buy lots of yoyos because I can, I like variety, I have funds set aside to buy yoyos. I do my learning on a DM2, then play everything else I have and reinforce that trick. Well, not everything… but most. My DM2 is still my favorite go-to yoyo though, hands down. Is the Phenom better? I guess. I mean, it’s like my #2 yoyo as far as preferences go. But better is relative to the player and preferences. I say improve your game through practice. But, if you want to buy an expensive yoyo, far be it for me to say “no”. It’s your money, use it when you want to(wait, isn’t there a commercial that uses that?). I mean, you’re going to get there eventually. Also, there’s no valid reason why someone can’t or shouldn’t have something high end. As long as they know how to throw and to bind AND can afford it, let them. It’s aways good to have quality tools.

Having purchased a Phenom I noticed that some things are easier but it didn’t magically make my game better. I could have saved money and gotten the Phenomizm(which I got later). I have CLYW’s and One Drops too. I still suck, I just have an awesome collection of yoyos. I’m happy, I’m having fun, I’m learning, enjoying and I feel good more these days. I have problems with depression and yoyo is helping me deal with that as well.

Just to remind you: getting a different yoyo won’t enable you to magically perform better. The skills come from practice and natural ability. I have little natural ability here, so mine is all practice and getting the skills I need! It’s been over 2 months and I’m still working on The Matrix, but I am improving. No, I don’t need help, I need more practice. I CAN do it, I just want to do it better! Rewind may come easy, it may not, but I’m just going to practice my way through it one step at a time. My DM2 and me are going to log many, many, many hours on Rewind starting next week. I could care less if my progress is slow. Yoyo is my preferred method of relaxation and stress relief.

Now, what am I gonna buy next… I think a DiBase, a Lyn Fury and a Legacy II and a CenterTrack bearing. It’s all about having fun. I worked hard for my money, and I want to spend it. Plus, if I get my own Legacy II, I will stop borrowing the one my kid has! She picked blue… her color choices are wrecking MY color choices! I want blue! OH, and I gotta open up the Studio42 YoYo Ophanarium so I can help players sell off their yoyos for quick cash.

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A yoyo is like a hammer. I can hammer nails all day with a $5 hammer from Walmart and do the same with a custom titanium head carbon fiber hammer. I prefer a simple yet effective framing hammer which give me the best feel and doesnt wear me out as much.

Same with a yoyo. I have played the G5 and I love the feel of it but my favorite thing was hands down the z stacks. Nothing like catching a yoyo mid trick and just letting go after that

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Sudio42, he has a DM2. Don’t buy a g5… yet. I will pm you with details (details that not many (if any) people know).

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Don’t go to advanced for yourself. One of my friends went from a clutch yoyo to a dm2 and has almost learned every trick on the website with it. The dark magic is probably the most popular intermediate yoyo today. Almost every one has one. I learned on a dm1 but they’er very similar go with the dm2.

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While I agree, I also feel that if one wants to get something “high end”, go for it. While my DM2 is still my favorite and go-to throw, I have lots of other stuff too. IN some cases, really, having a quality all metal yoyo that you really like can really help one go a long ways.

Personally, I feel most comfortable throwing my DM2.

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I have a YYJ phenomizm and let me tell you, this thing is amazing.

I banged it against stuff, and it plays perfectly with almost no damage, it comes with a KK bearing which seems to work really well. It can play real fast (just watch mickey if you don’t belive me) the mirror caps will WOW people and it plays great for horiztonal. The thing is smooth, stable, and gets great spin times. Its a bit cheaper than the G5 too. I recommend it

The G5 has good reivews though. I don’t own one. But he z-stacks look like a lot of fun. But I will not recommend getting hte G5 just because of the stack. Stacks can be difficult to use and get boring after a while. The g5 is an all metal yoyo so it will grind better than the phenomzim (phenomizm sucks at grinds since it has plastic rims). G5 is a yoyo i’m seriously thinking about getting. But from all the yoyos i have, I’ve been happier with YYJ products more than YYF products.

I also have the Phenomizm. Yes, it does suck at grinds, but it’s not because of the plastic rims, it is because there’s been no surface treatment to the plastic rims. The all metal Phenom has the same issue to a slightly lesser extend since the metal is not as smooth as the plastic in the Phenomism, but generally speaking it isn’t a great grinder either.

I recommend both. The Phenomizm isn’t QUITE a plastic version of the Phenom, if one means “it should play identical but should be less expensive since it’s mostly plastic”. It does play a bit different. It feels a bit heavier on the string to me over the Phenom. The Phenom feels like it’s nothing when its in motion.

I won’t comment on stacks. I have a PGM which serves my “need for stacks” sufficiently for now. I don’t really use the stacks on it for now either. I won’t comment about stuff like stacks getting boring or things like that. Many players with stacked yoyos complain of vibe. Vibe in stacked yoyos can be more pronounced because of additional spinning parts. It doesn’t mean they aren’t playable, just the odds of noticing it are higher. Players will vary. I will say with the Z-stacks in the G5 2010 model, it’s going to be easier to grab the sides since the stacks pretty much cover the whole side. I just don’t particularly care for the profile and overall appearance of the G5, but that’s only a matter of my personal preferences. I also don’t particularly care for the available colors at YYE, but that’s because blue is apparently out of stock.

It’s hard to argue with sales though. I have heard of lots of people happy with both yoyos. While I have zero interest in the G5, what you decide comes down to what is more important. My choice is of the two, the Phenom for sure. The G5 seems a bit more well rounded, and by that I mean you have more options. It can grind, you can grab the stacks, and it can pretty much do any trick you can throw at it. It’s heavy, but so is the Phenom. I’m not sure if the G5 is meant to play like a rocket on a string like the Phenom. I know with the mid-weight rings, the Phenom is amazingly stable. The Phenom is also pretty much "all catch zone, with nothing for the string to get caught on as it heads towards the gap.

The G5 is also cheaper than the Phenom. But if you really want the Phenom but are stuck on price, the Phenomizm is a minimal compromise version of the Phenom.

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