My Time has Come.


Only one person knows about this, and I gotta say, I didn’t think I’d last this long. But I had to do it. You guys might wanna sit down, because this will shock you.







Lol so yeah, in getting a YoyoFactory G5 an I gotta say, it feels good doing my homework. I have tried all but 3 brands (VsNewton, Spyy, and turning point) and so far YoYoJam is the one for me. But I am now opening up to new brands so I thought I’d share this with you guys so you guys could get rid of my first un professional impression.


Personally, I’m not a fan of the G5, just something about the G5 that I don’t like, I would recommend a SuperNova over it. You may like it though!


I like the G5. Personally, YYF is probably the company that misses the most for me, but I guess they also have more models than just about anyone. Still. Anyway, the G5 is a relative gem by comparison.

Get on Spyy. Now. Even though they’re one of the most well known names, I still think they could very well be the most underrated company. The El Ranchero and Pro have recently made a big, big impression on me, but I also like the Revenger, Punchline, and basically everything else I’ve tried always pleasantly surprises.

I’m also of the mind that the Skywalker is not to be missed, especially in D bearing form. So, get on that. The Moonwalker is also exceptionally good in my opinion, maybe one of my outright favorites, but obviously not easy to come by and probably not quite worth bothering given what they go for unless you’re a fan. But the Sky…very good. Must play.


Awwh man. You should have gone with the DNA or Genesis… The DNA is such a under rated throw.


My dad bought me one as a surprise because of the election deal, I hated that throw. Snagged way too much. I traded it for a Hitman Pro.


Tried a Pre pro genesis, It wasn’t half bad.


I find this hard to believe.

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Eh people don’t believe the amount of throws I’ve tried. Don’t underestimate people.


Dude the spy amplifier is super nice


I’d bet the farm that there are brands he’s never even heard of that he hasn’t tried.


I think he means most of the big ones


G5’s never interested me,bsurprised that was your first choice :stuck_out_tongue:

But I am shocked xD


The Supernova snagged? That’s a bit surprising to hear. Anyway, hope you like the G5!


The G5 is one of my favorite yoyos, I have fond memories of it. I liked the 2010 version I had a lot better than the older '08 (I think) one I had. Without the stacks, the 2010 version is 61 grams. It was sooo floaty but still had a solid spin and good stability. The Proton, MVP, Superstar, Genesis and Super G are also very good and I’ve wanted to try a DNA. The 888x is also very fun.

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If you enjoy heavy, unstable, undersized organics.


I said it was fun. I also used to own an '07 888 and sure it played better, but I liked the 888x better (my '07 888 had heavy vibe though). The 888x was floaty-ish, had stacks, and an amazing grind finish. It was my first metal, and I could remember doing an arm grind and watching it hang there instead of shoot off. I don’t know, though, I may be biased.

Another point too, why do people hate on undersized? Everyone says undersized “aren’t stable” or “don’t get good spin times”. You didn’t see Jensen Kimmitt not use a Marmot in '09 because he didn’t like undersized. People say “it’s the player, not the yoyo” when talking about a Classic or Surge, but that doesn’t seem to apply to undersized.

Just my thoughts.


Because people see undersized yoyos as not “competition ready”. These days, all people care about is yoyos built for competition and horizontals, if the yoyo isn’t, it automatically “sucks”.

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Nah, my main used to be a skyline. Then my hands grew. A lot. Now I like full sized… But I see your point


I have huge hands but I like playing with undersized. Why? Because it’s a change from all the other throws out there. I do enjoy a lot of full sized yoyos, but undersized yoyos just have a different feel to them.


Well then I would say he’s missing out. Some of the smaller companies have some of the best throws.