SFX or New Breed

Het guys i am either buying a new breed or sfx, but I can’t decide. can you help me out?

Those 2 are totally different yoyo’s. New Breed is a Bi-Metal, Rings on side. has a small H-Shape like design. Has a lot of ridges for IRGs.

SFX hsa an angled shape, no edges like the Phenomizm. Straight down to the bearing wall. It’s metal rings are located inthe center, heard it was great for horizontal play.

Sfx its my favorite throw even with my high end metals

I have yet to try the new breed but I hear its a solid throw. I do own an SFX (have it w/ me today) and hands down, one of the best throws out there. I’ll pick it up over metals that are twice its price. If you like full sized throws, I’d go w/ the SFX.

I like the New Breed ALOT more than the SFX. It is a very big yoyo, so if you like undersized yoyos, it’s not for you. It also plays very smooth. I wrote a review on it awhile back if your interested:


I tweaked it a little bit, so I think it is more detailed now.

Thanks for the recomendations, I will go with the SFX