New Breed vs YYF Plastics

I would like to get your opinion on which one would be better for me between the New Breed and the yyf plastics( Protostar and Counter Attack). I don’t have any preferences between shape or weight

New Breed is a Bi-Metal with lots of momentum. CT and Protostar use weight rings. Protostar is very stable, with a nice feel, but the body is not suitable for grinding. It is named the worst for grinding. CT is not as stable but has a more bulky model fo shape, like PGM. Tends to have mroe grinding surface, but really I’d go with Protostar rather than CT.

New Breed or Protostar could be a hard question. Protostar uses a plastic body with a tacky non-grind finish, New Breed is still grindable. You can only grind on the 1mm ridge on the weight ring of Protostar. Both can play very well on tricks.

Really down to preference, plastic with anodized aluminum weight rings or plastic with metal (I believe) rings.

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NEW BREED FTW!!! The new breed plays much smoother, grinds better, it’s more durable, and glides over the string at a very comfortable speed; though at times it can be a little bulky (but so can yyf plastics). You are WAAAY better off getting a New Breed. I did a review on it a while back if your interested:,24284.0.html

Plus (just my opinion), I think YYF is a little bit overrated (their plastics in particular). Their plastics work great for about a month, but then the spacer(s) always get stuck/ screw up the bearing, and then there’s always tightening issues… Again; just my opinion…  ;D Get the New Breed.