YYJ New Breed vs. YYF Protostar

So, here’s the question guys…

Lots of people tackle about New Breed and Protostar… Some say the Protostar is Better… Some say it’s New Breed who should take the crown…

But what yoyo do you think is better?
If you have both if these yoyos… Please tell me how they play… and whats better…

What if you guys are gonna get one?.. What would you pick? ;D

If you are thinking of getting one, we need to know your preferences and such.

But if I was going to pick, the ProtoStar is one great yoyo.

I personally hate the new breed and love the protostar

I would get the protostar

I personally don’t like the Protostar and haven’t tried the New Breed.

I’d get the New Breed just to try it out :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like the protostar. Too loud and clunky. I’d get a new breed

Both are truly amazing yoyos. I’d say flip a coin.

Paolo pretty much said it, they are both top contenders at a low price point. I feel like the New Breed has a little more centerweight while the Protostar has a little more rim-weight. THis creates a difference in feel, your best bet is to try them both.

oh… I’m starting to get a feeling that you guys bet for New breed…

played with both, there about the same, its really a players choice.

i like the protostar better because of the h shape and its stability, but its really preference.

New Breed is like the Dark Magic
i haven’t tried the ProtoStar

They’re both great. I like the feel of the new breed better.

Now that the new breed has YYJ’s new axle system, it must be even better.

got more?

I totly tink protostar is better than new breed. i mean, most people like the protostar.
basically u gotta choose urself wick ur gonna get. if ur a yyf fan,u know