New Breed review

I’ve just got to start with two words…


I got the package and flipped out… I was screaming like a school girl. I ripped it open and pulled out the yoyo… Bubble wrap… (I have a problem. I Cant do anything knowing theres new bubble wrap waiting to be popped) So I popped all my blubble wrap and looked at the yoyo. Its not that much bigger than the DM… With how everyone was talking I was expecting an orange Bigyo with metal rims…

I pull out the trick list and the then I see it… I got one of the Koloski pictures!!! YAY!

So I opened the box and pulled out the New Breed. It was warm from sitting out in my mailbox all morning and I think a beam of divine essence shined in through the window and was reflected off the beautiful mirrored caps. Or the blinding light was pure, raw, awesome just radiateing from it…

First feel. The Celcon just feels nice. Its weird. The DM is super smooth and kinda slick but the New Breed has like a nice texture… Its hard to explain.

The rims are nice. They kind of fan out like an X-con but with short rims where as the DM is all round.

Somthing kind of bugs me but its not a big problem. Where the rim and the celcon meet theres like a small divit. Its not a smooth and even transition between the two materials. I keep trying to land the string in the divit and maybe make a sweet string grind… So far I’ve had no luck.

I make my slipknot and throw, Man the stock string is so short. But its nice and dead unresponsive out of the box. I spin it open and the bearing fell out. Im like what??? Yeah the bearing seat holds the bearing sorta loosely and you can pull the bearing out with your fingers!!! I was like NO WAY!!! Yes way Mitch, now shut up and get some good string in there… So I replace the string and I have my nice long Perfect Fit string in there. Even with that long string the gap looks massive.

So I’ve been playing with it and Im in love. Its so smooth. It sleeps for days! I did a plastic whip, pinched the strings and did small braintwisters for what felt like ever, dropped it and it was still spinning pretty fast.

The binds are nice and tight… I love how nice it binds… I wish I had some new Perfect Fit to put in there…

I mentioned the rims earlier… They go out nice and far… I can do thumb grinds with out removing the caps… Which I haven’t done yet, I want to, just to see the inside.

Well there is one problem I have… I dont like how the celcon grinds. Is too slippery in a way. Where as the DM with run up your arm at an angle the New Breed will spin in place (for ever!) which looks good and all but I like to run it up my arm and pop it into a trapeze.

Well, Thats my rant/review… I think any one who has the chance should get or at least use this yoyo… Alot of people call it the “Fat Magic” but its nothing like the DM. I personaly think it blows the DM out of the water…

I hope you guys liked it!


Thats my line! ;D Excellent review! :wink:

Great Review!!!


Hha, now I want to get one. :slight_smile:

Fixed. :wink:

Who’s John Narum? ???

oh man, i want one sooo bad. i have the money, just don’t know if i should spend it on another yoyo when my DM works fine…

speaking of the DM, it has that ridge between the plastic and metal as well. I landed a grind in there one time like you were talking about. I wasn’t trying to, but I looked down and was like “what the?”, then it feel off. It was crazy, a freak event for sure.

Who wants to give me $40 for a New Breed??

Great Review! these things sound so tempting to me!!

Get one! They are awesome. I got one in the mail a couple of days ago and it is up there with my peak, BvM, and luchador. I love the shape. It fits so comfy in my hand and it makes it very easy to do tricks with.

i jest got it today and its great. i love the feel of it

Good review!

I really want one now :frowning:

I’ll trade you my New Breed for your 888… ;D

But get one, its so worth it…

then GO BUY IT!

Great review!

Happy Throwing! =]

Wow…Now I don’t know if I want the DM, or the new breed…

depends on your skill level! Dark magic is more responsive, a great all around yoyo, the new breed is amazing as well, but a bigger gap and less responsive and no adjustable gap!

yep its a great yoyo good review