new breed

ok,so I went to redondo today and tried out a new breed.I dont have this yoyo but will still give it some of a reveiw.
the first thing I noticed when I picked it up is the wheight,I dont know the exact wheight but it is very heavy,next thing was the throw,first thing is the smoothness,very smooth indeed.I think its a fun yoyo to play with,the gap is sooo wide.I dont knoww much of the specs but I think I spied a little silicone there.
I know that wasnt the best review ever,but I didnt get too much time with the yoyo.
I only got one picture but I am too lazy to post it now,I am pretty tired and doing some research for a project at school.I will upload the pic very soon though,I wrote this since there werent any reviews and a lot of people wanted one.

Cool! I cant wait to try one for myself.

Just wondering, was it Yosshi’s that you were trying? Or maybe Grant?

They got the early run for the team members.

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it was yosshi’s,but grant was there,that reminds me,I got to post the picture

here it is:

LOL! I see the bottom of my dad’s legs in that picture!


dude, i tried out the new breed from yoshi last saturday! it was kinda big. its not that i didnt like its shape. its just that i dont like its shape :stuck_out_tongue: it was pretty good, i just prefer a small concave shape like the xvict. but if you like big yos, you have to get it! 8)

Did I see you there?
I wore skinny jeans and a Purple/Gold M1.

lol, i think i did see you there, did someone ask you a question about your m1 because if someone did then that someone was me!! ;D

well,my m1 is gold and purple,so I dont know,I also had a DNA pre-pro edition,pink legacy,and some others.see if you remember,cause I dont,lol

Ohhh, that was you.
Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

nice to meet you too!! ;D :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

hey, I was wondering, since you say it’s a good yoyo, because it’s about time i get a new yoyo and I was going to get a dna, a few questions.

  1. When is it coming out?
    2.How much will it be?

It is expected to come out in the Summer, as YOshi told me, it will also be in the 40- 50$ range.