Who has tested a New Breed?

I ordered one and I was wondering how does it compare with other yoyos? I’ve seen some one call it “Fat Magic” I guess saying its like the DM but fatter…

What do you guys think?

Dunno, but GM User and Spencer have reviews of it.

Me! Well, a proto, but its close enough. I called it the Fat Magic and the Obese Yoyo. Hehe. Its really wide, and is stable with long spin times.

i have tried it! i tried yoshis. sorry to say but i did not like it. it was too big for me. everything else was cool about it, responce, sleep times, ect. it is almost a big as an aquarious! lol! but if you like SUPER HUGE then you will probalbly love this yoyo! i dont like the shape or size, but that is MY personal preferance because i like undersized yoyos with a concave shape. but like i said, if you like huge yos, you will love it! :slight_smile:

As rsmod123 said, I tried Yoshi Mikamoto’s. I love them, they are capable af anything you throw at them, and their size is very, well, Ahaaa, I know a good word unique. They are very unique in size in my opinion. Great yoyos.


Haha, is “John N.” on this site John Narum in real life?
If so, did you get him on the site?

Itried John Narum’s as well. Very nice, a slight bit of vibe, fast, nice comfortable shape, near perfect weight distribution. Simply a vey nice YYJ.

Nope, John N. was a fake. If you search for his account, you cant find it anymore. Andre told me in a PM.


He’s not there.

Wow, never knew that, thanks for telling me.

Well I tried yoshi’s NB also I liked it but not enough to make me buy one this is my preference and it just didn,t feel right I mean it is a good player it was just missing something :wink:

I just ordered one, I will post a review ASAP. I am super pumped about this one!

That yoyo is huge! OMG, theres a monster in my hand, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ;D