yoyoguy is having preorders for the new breed (sorry andre but your on the infinit ilusions team so i thought this would be acceptable)it looks so COOL :o real wide and smooth i hope that can do thumb grinds well ;D


Black looks awesome.


i hate red but i was thinkin about gettin red because of the whole" peoples eyes picck out red and yellow the most" theory

(JonasK) #4

It’s a whooping 2 mm wider than the DM. Sounds like a little, but it is quite a lot.


Get a black and get some red or yellow string.

Yea, I tried one and it is HUGE. I don’t like large yo-yos but took a liking to this one.

(Jei Cheetah) #6

I am liking the way this yoyo looks.

Thanks for the heads up! I am sure we all appreciate it.

I will be buying one for sure.



I have one in yellow. Bought one at A2Z. I think it was $40.

(SR) #8

Everything about it looks like the DM, except the caps. It’s not a “New Breed” to me. I say if you have a DM, do not buy this. :-\


Oh. Yeah. That reminds me. FAT MAGIC!!! THE OBESE YOYO! ;D

(SR) #10

That was random. ???


Quote from Eric Koloski when I talked to him. Hehe.