Why Not?

why isnt there a picture for the gray new breed???
i want to see what it looks like before i buy it. can someone send a link please of a gray one?


http://www.yoyonation.com/skin1/images/thumbnails/t_16808.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v330/Toastydoc/P1010245.jpg

There ya are! Doesn’t take long to fine them, just search it on Google.


That’s a DNA :stuck_out_tongue:




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JM Thts a new breed right?

and to everyone, what is your thoughts of new breed???, i could put a kk spec or stock bearing in it or i could buy any bearing:)

dpends if the size is available but yeah you could. The New Breed plays great and is a an advanced yoyo. the New Breed is pretty big so don’t expect it to fit perfectly into your hand(UNless you’re bigfoot!!!)

On YYG they have the Special edition New Breed from worlds…it has a grey body with red anodized rims…
Go check it out…


ye i know it wont fit perfectly in my hand and i just want something ill be happy with but its not seeming to work.

i think ill just get a more expensive yoyo thats really up there and not get another high priced yoyo for ages:P

i will get the mighty flea later nut in 2010:)

what more expensive yoyo should i get??? i like dna because of its shape hubs and looks and its not that much bigger than DV888 right?
and i like G5 because of its hubs and looks… but i heard its too light:(

and i like BK2 but thats only for sleeping right?

but what about 888? its nice and i like the hubs(as you can probably tell i like hubs because i have never had a yoyo with them:P)
and i like the look pf the 888 and shape:)

so what one should i get?
Help me please as i need to make up my mind soon

Oh it’s bigger. There’s a VERY noticable difference.

Yes. Yes it is. Isn’t that what you asked for?

why do you want to get a really expensive yoyo? dont limit yourself to yyf because there are alot of other companies out there with what are in my opinion better yoyos for ~$100

all yoyos you listed are great and yes the buddha king 2 is built for sleeping records not so much for tricks.