What Ones!!! Help Me Choose!!! Aahhhh

is then new breed gap the same size as a yyj hitman gap? or bigger???
is it a big yoyo? bigger than a hitman or smaller???
im not going to buy another expensive yoyo i think ill just add to my collection instead:)
like getting 2 yoyos:D i could get new breed and PGM or C13 and pocket change:D
you know what i mean? maybe even 3 but i dont want that much at a time lol
so what 2 should i get, i want long sleep times and at the moment i have a SPEC baering and a kk and 2 normal yyj bearings:)
i could get any of the bearings on this site, SPEC, ckk, kk, center trac. So yes, please help me out.
i could probably go over 100 or over 130 or even more if i push it lol
so dont add price range into your thoughts:) and i could branch out aswell or even get an expensive yoyo like DNA or BK2 lol even though i said i didnt want another expensive one you can just say what you would do and what you would get with that particular choice

thanks a lot

LD 1996

Dude, really?

Don’t get anything at all. If choosing is this hard, you are clearly not ready.

well could you please answer the new breed questions because i really want some more to my collection.

i just want to get something new, maybe it will be a lyn fury, but then again it might be a DNA
you never know so help!!!

For the New Breed questions just compare the specs…and what I do know is that it takes 3 threads for you to decide ONE yoyo and you just got a yoyo like 1 or 2 months ago so you dont need another.

I think you should just pick something. And also, you can compare the specs of yoyos. It’s way less work than making a post.

I will later post a new breed review…

But I will say this…the new breed has the hugest gap of any YYJ yoyo along side the NM5 and Atmosphere. As for a DNA I feel that its too big…the new breed is just right imo…

I would have to think that post is biased, seeing as how the New Breed is bigger than the DNA. ;D

well in you other post (one of way too many you have started) you said you couldnt even bind, and you said you had a dv888, so do yourself a favor and get a velocity, or something else responsive and learn now to bind, than you will find that the dv888 is all you will need for quite some time

p.s. if youre from Australia you should be able to speak English, so please do us all a favor and type in a manner that we dont have to decipher what youre trying to say

I just looked through all your threads and I have to say something. STOP. You cant bind yet you have a DV888 and thinking on getting a DNA, a C13, a PGM, a BK2, a SKYY Chaser, and a New Breed. You change your mind WAY to much and make WAY to much threads. If it’s this hard then take Samad’s advice.

Sorry if this is coming out harsh but you need to realize that most, if not, all your questions can be simply answered by doing a little research.


this man speaks the truth, best advice ive seen yet

i know that i have made a lot of post but im just looking to see what fits me best, theres lots of good yoyos out there so im naming loads to see what you guys think of them.

I CAN BIND!!! that was ages ago i made that post when i couldnt. what one or two yoyos should i get?

Boss, Legacy , NewBreed?


ps. i can speak english i was just shortening things but ill stop now just for u >:(

you said you couldnt bind on Oct. 24th, here is a link to the post- http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,8231.0.html

I can say loud and clear that you messed up there Tyler. I can say that LD 1996 messed up a bit as well. Take a look:

Bolded caused confusion with me. But I know that LD1996 can bind. And he stated so as well. This was just a cause of bad wording. The second bolded part should have been left out to prevent confusion.

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i did indeed miss that, thanks Jonas

Ok, you can bind, but you need to know that giving all the work fo researching to other people will make people annoyed. I suggest you use google to find the answers to your questions. And you JUST got a DV888, no need to get 2 more yoyos so soon. Do what I do, 3 yoyos a year, or 2.