YYJ New Breed

Does anyone have a picture of the prototype New Breed from the ZGames? Or know where I can find one?

What color were they? What colors are planned? Any info would rock.

Rats! I should have really taken a picture of it when I was playing with it. Especially a profile view. It’s really a super wide yo-yo, on the heavier side but definitely didn’t play so. Super bouncy and smooth. The smoothest yoyojam I’ve ever played (besides the metals) The celcon is a major improvement. I would even go and dare say that I think it’s one of yyj’s best ideas ever. Sick, sick, sick. I didn’t get one, because I didn’t really want a yellow one, and I only had enough money for a Superstar (which I wanted first) They were selling for $48, but A2Z (the only seller there) usually is a few bucks more than online. They had quite a few of them, idk 25?, and they didn’t sell them all.

They only had yellow ones. I didn’t hear about any other colors, but Eric used an orange one in his freestyle. http://vimeo.com/4303497
I think you’ve seen the yellow ones and purple ones too at the yye blog.

The shape is very different, much like others are saying, it’s shaped like a Hayabusa, but much much wider. The gap is 888 large bearing size so it’s 100% unresponsive. The metal rings curve down to make a very shallow “valley” where the plastic meets the metal, and the plastic curves upward before going down to the inside wall.

I’m really looking forward to them officially releasing them and seeing what colors they have. =] What came across to me was that it was pretty much the final product. I think it’s similar to the early Legacy release at Nats. I don’t think they changed anything serious before it was officially released.

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The center New Breed pictured on the YYE forum looks green to me (am I colorblind?).  Is the yellow prototype a neon yellow or like the yellow on the Legacy?

If they had a neon green I think that would be sharp, but I did NOT like the yellow that was on the Legacy.

I would guess it would be heavy with the Celcon and metal combination.

If you look closely at the picture you linked to, and through the pog of the yo-yo, you can see the real color of the yo-yo. It’s more of a sunshiny yellow, not at all like lime green it looks like on the rims. It’s also not at all like the Legacy yellow. The legacy yo-yo is definitely more of a golden. The best color match I think of is of my Projam in this picture.

Hard to capture in a picture. It’s a more pale yellow shown in the picture and much more than the yellow Legacy. I own the yellow Legacy so I can compare them.

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I really want to try one. I use a legacy and a Dark Magic. Would you say its heavier than the DM?

I can’t really say, I never heard a weight… The Dark Magic is pretty hefty for its size, and I am confident to say that the New Breed is either just as heavy or lighter than the DM. It plays alot different than the DM, it’s very light and smooth on the string, it definitely does not play like a heavy yo-yo. My estimation would be that it weighs ~68 grams…but I’m terrible with guessing the weight of yo-yos.

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Here in Ohio where I live there are no yoyo stores… So no chance of test playing :(. I have to go with reviews and hope the yoyo is good.

Where in OH? Near Cleveland? https://www.shoparooni.com/ Steve Brown owns the store and has a yo-yo club meet there and sells yo-yos.

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nope. Lancaster… Its about an hour south of Columbus

Bummer. =\ Closest contest that’s near you so far is Indy states. http://indianastates.newschool101.com/

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As long as you’re looking up stores, how about Exton, PA?

Hey, your lucky day! How about Wilmington, Delaware?..a 30 min ride? http://yoyojoes.blogspot.com/ Tyler Severance works there, and they run a weekly yo-yo club. =]

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Lucky… Maybe I can talk to the hobby shop guy about starting a club. He sells stuff like baseball cards, DnD books, Miniatures, comics… all that cool stuff…

hahaha. I can’t find any thing near Corning New York.

Try Norway.

gm user and I have both played with the new breed, personally I don’t like it . It is kind of like a DM but heavier with longer spin times i dont know of any color besides yellow but it is kind of worth the wait.

Is it wider? Taller? Both?