Where is my New Breed?

I don’t know how anyone else feels, but I am getting PUMPED waiting for the New Breed. I have been hearing rumors that they will be released at the beginning of June. Can anyone confirm?

I wonder what the first run colors will be… I like the look of the purple one on the YYJ banner. I hope we see a neon green or light green of some sort, I think that would be pretty sick.

Who’s planning on picking one up? What colors are you hoping for? All I know is, that I will be knocking over women and children to get my hands on this.

i really want to see some yellow or brown some colors we relly never see in our community

I might get one, I hope they aren’t limited, I need $$$ to get one.

They probably wont be limited. Its just a metal rimmed yoyo.

I hope so. Man do I love their play.

How much do they cost? I bet the usual 40.95

45.99 at A2Z, I think.

fat magic yo is almost as big as the aqua. it is bigger than the dm yet smaller than the aqua. it is extremaly fat and heavy. verry smooth. shape is kinda like a giant dm. (i dont like the shape but thats personal preferance.)

Release information coming very very soon (this week!)

I called A2Z and they said they would ship one of the protos. Cost was $48.

I had a yellow Legacy (ICK). Yellow just isn’t my favorite. Sadly, that Legacy is long dead.

WOOOOHOOOOO!!! I wonder what colors?!

Dose any one have a pic of it? Later.

Keep it spinning™



i want one too but im wondering whether this yoyo will feel the same as a DM because from wht i can see they look a lot alike

Green, purple, and yellow. Protos are already at A2Z. $45.99 is correct. The protos are LIMITED, so grab one today. :slight_smile:

Are these colors AT A2Z currently?

Apparently they are bigger than the DM and heavier. Also, flowable response (drools).

Yes. Not the official release ones, but the protos. :wink:

Last I spoke to them they only had yellow from the proto run. Did they do a second proto run or something?

Are they just ceclon DM?

No! they are A LOT heavier than a DM. Yes, the New Breed is Celecon.