new breed is this tru?!


I was texting cha cha(242-242 it will answer any question that you ask it try it some time) about when the new brE3d was coming out and it said next week :o if this isnt true then when is it going to be out? i cant wait! ;D


It is planned to come out this summer,but it could come out anytime,YYJ might surprise us.


What? i never heard YYJ was coming out with a new yoyo except for the synergy. Is this new one in the plastic series or what?





Sure. :wink:


ANDRE just informed me that its coming out the begining of next month :o


I guess its the summer then…


guess so i just wanted to share this ;)…


Ya,thanks! ;D


Wow, and a week is a little less then the beginning of next month :slight_smile:


New Breed is already out. A2Z sells them. I have one, so does my friend. Eric lives in Easthampton, so A2Z got them first!