Upcoming yoyos.

I have decided to make a list of the upcoming new models, or restocks for the holidays. When this thread is posted, it will not be as full as it should be. My knowledge is limited, so I need people to fact check me. Most info is straight from the manufacture’s thread, or Facebook page.

Deadly Spins
Wrath restock just came to yoyoexpert.
Pride in prototyping stages.
AI5 Prototyped for the first time. Release is aiming for before the holidays.
Puffin coming 11/15/12 at 10pm Eastern.
Cliff released at yye
Arctic Circle just restocked at YYE
10th run of Chiefs just dropped
Square Wheels
Rex has been prototyped. It will be a while before it’s released.
Rockafeller due around mid December to YYE.
Just released the Chupacabra manufactured by One Drop. Not sure when it will come to YYE, but it has been stated that it will.
Oxy Ti 9.06 was just released at YYE for the hefty price of 465
Oxy Syzygy titanium/aluminum yoyo release date November 14 at YYE.
Eternal Throw
Just released Victory at YYE manufactured by One Drop, and has side effects.
Released Freq.Wav, TA-1 and TA-1S
New delrin yoyo has been shown.
Lovejoys are coming to YYE, not sure when.
Champions Collection Wave 2 released
Slithering Hippo
Answer has been prototyped.It is also worth noting that it has been reviewed by Highspeedyoyo
Aa7 has been shown at the official thread.
One Drop
Splash Y-Factors at yye
Diamont Noir
Just released the Celestial and Celestial Deuxime at YYE.
Had done prototypes for the Heavy Hitter 3 Mike Marshall edition.
Kingspin Yoyos
Has made a comeback in the form of the Chronicle. Prototypes have been made.
Spin Dynamics
Seems to have some sort of prototype in store for us. Check out the official thread for some specs.
Barracudas have been released at other stores. Might be coming to YYE.
Flipside coming soon.
Aware and TehYo have just been released at YYE.
The Seed! Signature yo-yo for Riccardo Fraolini has been shown off

New Delrin Yoyo

good idea for a thread. this should be bumped every once in a while

Good thread but we really should get this from YYE direct. That way it’s from an “authorized” source and there will be less confusion or rumor mill talk.

Let’s face it though, sometimes rumor mill talk about upcoming yoyos can be tons of fun!

I have unconfirmed reports from TMBR that the TMBR Lovejoys will be sold through YYE “soon,” but I don’t have a date.

slithering hippo, a new company, has some sick t shirts and sweaters and a unique yoyo, the ANSWER, coming up! really hoping for 6th sense yoyo designs to come out with a yoyo. YOYO CUZ YOLO!

10th run Chiefs drop tommorow night.

Yyf campions collections wave 2 are coming out soon.

Isn’t the “Answer” by Slithering Hippo?

Yeah… The Victory is from Eternal Throw…

Flip sides and barracudas are coming to yoyo expert soon…

my bad! :stuck_out_tongue:

the H.O.T looks like a nice yoyo! reallly wanna pick up a onestar though!

Can we put this all into one post that someone will update so that we don’t have to scroll through every day? If we just make a thread, it’s no better then the disjointed collection of threads that we already have.

I’m trying to scroll through the posts and update this thread regularly on the very first post.

I already updated after the first few posts.

You might want to ad the splash Y Factors coming to YYE should be soon!!!

Just got that ;D


X3 Seed
X3 ZeuS 2nd run (limited, new ano)

Barracudas are already out in other stores and I assume will be coming to YYE soon.