Coming Soon to YoYoExpert!

This will be a continuing thread of products enroute to YoYoExpert!


Caribou Lodge NEW Avalanche will be enroute soon to YoYoExpert!

Harrison Hurricane, Salt and Pepper, Electric Circus, Copper Pot, Black Speckle, Gold, and Clareview Station Blizzard!

Lot’s of great new colors coming in!


Ooooh Copper.

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When will the AC2 be in mass production?

Not sure - CLYW hasn’t announced anything official just yet.

Clear rally release date? :slight_smile:

Good timing - they are here! :wink:

They have like 90 on their website currently…

So… when is YoYofficer going to release on YoYoExpert. I saw their twitter account ask you guys when the release is…

We do have the YOYOFFICER product range - should be online within the week.


Two special edition Chiks enroute to YoYoExpert!

Lime Juice!

And Mustache Man - a colorway created by YoYoExpert forum member Snafu!

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How much is the expected cost of the prodigy?

Prodigy should be around $115 to $120. Releases this weekend!

Wow! A lot more than I had expected. Let’s hope it’s cheaper at the release party at A2Z. :D, I just saw the pic and wanted it bad

Prodigy comes with a Difeo Konkave also, so that’s a factor in the price. More than worth it :slight_smile:

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Does the Prodigy have a blasted finish?

<3 so much love for this thread!

It sure does.

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This is honestly the best colorway I’ve ever seen.