Show Off Your YoyoExpert Edition Throws!!

This is the best yo-yo store around, in my opinion, and the most fun yo-yo place to hang out online.  In honor of that, I will show off my YYE Edition yo-yos, and I encourage you to do the same.  This thread has expanded to include all YYE colorway (red/black/white) yo-yos.  I will update with the most recent photo of my YYE Edition case:

6/3/14 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

YYEHeart by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

YYECaseOct13 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

My entry for March '13 Stick it, Click it, Send it contest:
YYE by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Update 7/3/13

We are working on a complete list of YYE Edition Yo-Yos for those of you interested in collecting them. Here is what we have so far, and if you think something should be added to the list, post in the thread for discussion.  I will update with an asterisk if the yo-yo is still available in the store:

Official YoyoExpert Editions:

One Drop Burnside
One Drop Code 1
One Drop Code 1 (YYE Gold)
One Drop Code 2
One Drop Code 2 (red with black and clear splash)
One Drop Code 2 (YYE Gold)
One Drop Cascade*
One Drop Cascade (YYE Gold)
One Drop 54*
One Drop 54 (Version 2 red/black acid)
One Drop YFactor
One Drop Dietz
One Drop Yelets*
One Drop/CLYW Summit
One Drop/CLYW Summit (red with black and clear splash)*
One Drop Benchmark Series*
One Drop Gradient

YoyoFactory Genesis
YoyoFactory Superstar
YoyoFactory 2.0

YoyoJam Dark Magic II (Black Spade)
YoyoJam Dark Magic II (Halflife)
YoyoJam Dark Magic II (Toxic Frog)*
YoyoJam SR-71 (nickel)*

C3yoyodesign Berserker*
C3yoyodesign Token
C3yoyodesign Level 6*

Spyy Radian 2
Spyy Eh
Spyy Eh 2013

CLYW Avalanche
CLYW Arctic Circle

Monkeyfinger EvilYo
Monkeyfinger Gelada

G Squared Albatross
G Squared Quake*
G Squared Triton*

Rebel Yo-Yos Macrocosm*
X3 Aware*
Tenyoyo Drop Bear*
Recreational Revolution Oscillatrix (Gold)
Recreational Revolution No.9
Duncan Barracuda (15 made)
YoyoRecreation Overdrive (red/black/white & red/white/blue options)*
General Yo Torrent II (grey/gold or grey/pink, 8 made total)
Toxic Hazmat

Other Red/Black/Silver YYE Colorway  (Special Edition, Red/Black/White, or otherwise Chuck/TotalArtist approved similar yo-yos):

Spin Dynamics Smooth Move (1 of 1 prize, special edition YYE splash)
3yo3 Omnicron X (special edition, red/black/silver)*
Deadly Spins Wrath (Chuck approved)
Spyy Flying V (Ed Haponik Splash - Chuck approved)

Yoyofactory DNA (Chuck approved)
YoyoFactory H.O.T. (black, red splash, white logo)*
YoyoFactory H.O.T. (silver, red & black splash, white logo)*
YoyoFactory Superstar (red/black acid wash)
YoyoFactory GFunk (red/black acid wash, white logo), Champion’s Collection*
YoyoFactory Monster (red/black, white logo John Chow Edition)
YoyoFactory Supernova (red/black acid wash, white logo)*
YoyoFactory Severe (red/black acid wash, white logo)
YoyoFactory DV888 (red with black Splash, white logo)
YoyoFactory Genesis 2009 Small Bearing (red/black acid wash, white text)
YoyoFactory Grind Machine (red, white ring, white hub)
YoyoFactory Grind Machine (red, black ring, black hub)
YoyoFactory Protostar*
YoyoFactory New Velocity (red, white black center)
YoyoFactory Shutter (half red/black with white graphics)*
YoyoFactory Loop 1080 (YYAxYYE) (translucent red with transluscent black center)*
YoyoFactory Loop 1080 (translucent red with solid black center)
YoyoFactory FAST 201 (old and new version)*
YoyoFactory Hubstack*
YoyoFactory Avant Garde (black, red splash, logo)

C3yoyodesign Glitter
C3yoyodesign DiBase2 (black, red splash, white logo)
C3yoyodesign Krown
C3yoyodesign Electric Flash*
CC3yoyodesign Accelerator

ILYY/One Drop Sakura (5 made)
Duncan Momentum (red,white text, black hub)
Yoyofficer Hatchet (clear, black, red)
Whimsy PokerFace (king hearts)
Something Anglam ver. cc (red/black ring)

One Drop Rally (red, black ring, white logo)
One Drop Rally (white, red ring, black logo)
One Drop Gradient (Shogun)

YoyoExpert Products/Apparel/Accessories:
YYEeditions by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


Update 3 20 13
We have come such a long way since I ran across Totalartists “Show Off Your YoyoExpert Edition Throws!!” thread! Since then,we have teamed up to collect and archive past releases and (try to) keep up with the new ones. Below is my current collection, to compliment Totalartists update above, and an edited version of my original post to this thread, with my “startup” collection.
(looks kinda sad now in comparison!)

Bottom Row , Left to right…

One Drop Code 1 Silver
One Drop Code 1 Gold
One Drop Code 2
One Drop Dietz
One Drop Gold Cascade (Kethcup and Mustard)
One Drop Yelets
Second Row
One Drop Burnside
One Drop Y Factor
C3 Token
C3 Berserker
10 YOYO Drop Bear
G-Squared Albatross
Third Row
Rec Rev OScillatrix
SPYY Radian G2
yoyofactory Genesis
yoyofactory Mutant DNA (still researching)
YOYOJAM Dark Magic II Black Spade Edition
Top Row
MonkeyFingeR Evil-Yo
MonkeyFingeR Gelada
Duncan Barracuda
Custom Square Wheels Rex
Custom Toxic Hazmat
Rec Rev Carbon (not official, but fits our colorway!)

I have made a pretty big quest at getting as many of the YYE editions as possible, and then I got distracted just looking for combinations of Red White/Silver and Black yo-yos. Your post inspired me to see what they look like all together, pretty cool! The bottom row are all the “true” metal YYE Editions, The Genesis, The Cascade, The Dietz, The Albatross, The Gelada, The Evil Yo. Second from bottom row is an DV888 that has been chromed, A One, The YYE Novus box, The Steve Brown 888 with Black Rice Stacks, a handpainted Supernova, and then the YYE Dark Magic 2.Third from the bottom are red and black Royal reproductions, An SB2, The Hspin Blood Lily, The SPYY Addiction, A Hitman, and the top row are two red and black Raiders, A Duncan Coke Professional, a Handpainted raw SPYY Flying V, and the Red and Black SPYY Flying Vs, with custom chroming by Elves…


^ Case looks sick. Nice job. I love YoyoExpert editions.

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Must post Evil Yo…

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Yes, please do…a close up!

i use yye edition yye string if that counts?

That Cascade is nasty.

Sure, post a picture, it will give this a bump anyway. I have to buy some, it will look sick matching the YYE Edition throws too. I will use black for now.

I added the SR-71…forgot I had that one, oops

I didn’t know about the SR-71, my deal is the red/white/black thing, BUT, since I only need a few more to get the “complete” set of the YYE editions (I also just found out about the special edition YYF Superstar today too) I am going to get one of the SR-71s too, thanks! My second thing is polished throws, so this is a really cool thing. And seeing your Burnside makes that the next one on my list to get, yours is awesome looking.

Your case made the blog, congrats! I had no idea about the Superstar, so I will try to get myself one too. I think I can eventually get a YYE Dietz still on BST. I forgot about the SR-71 because it does not have the red and black. But, I like nickel throws, so that was also a consideration when I bought it. Funny thing is the Dark Magic YYE Special Edition Halflife is green black and white, but it still bears the YYE logo and all. I have to get that too because it qualifies. The red/black/white looks great, but I’m open to collect all YYE Editions. Also, have you noticed that some of the red/black/white throws are called YYE “exclusives?” I noticed that, but they seem to be the same thing. I prefer when there is a YYE logo on the yo-yo, not just a colorway. I hope people post more pics.

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Oh, more I didn’t know about, thanks! I am sure it will catch on and more people will post.I decided I better get a Berserker before they are gone, that is my next quest…I didn’t even know that the cascade WAS the YYE edition one when I made arrangements to buy it from a private party. Not a criticism, in fact the opposite, I think it is awesome because it looks like a black yo-yo with ketchup and mustard splashed all over it… :smiley:

I didn’t know about the half life either… and yes, now that I am closer to having “all” of them, I am going to need that one too…

Some new friends came to live at my house today…I think that this case would look a little better with the Berserker and the YYE Superstar in it someday… and then I will need a bigger case for the Half Life and SR-71, and then all the new ones that come out in my lifetime… Gonna Enter the last one in the stick it, click it and win contest…

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^. :o. And just when we thought the YYE Edition collection couldn’t get any sweeter. Looks GREAT! I will try to catch up to you someday. We’ll keep the thread going haha.

You will have plenty of time, I have a real psychological block defending $180 for the Berserker, aside from that being 6 months of diapers, or a (the majority of a) car payment… I will break down someday, hopefully while I am still relatively young…Still 5 left! I will get in panic mode when it gets down to 3… :slight_smile:

Thanks Chuck, I will take good care of this. I just love a black string on it too…looks good enough to eat. Evil Yo, YYE Edition of course.

oh man… That looks so nice! You take great photos…ummm, there has been a recall of those, you better send it back to me, and I will see to it that it is properly disposed of… It’s for your own good… (< this is a joke, no recall, perfectly safe, I just want it back because it looks awesome, in case someone else that reads this freaks out because they don’t get jokes, which happens, way too often)

I definitely got the joke :D. I will not comply with any recall of that one, I absolutely love it. Thank you for parting with it. By the way, I think they should make a bunch of those YYE Edition Spin Dynamics Smooth Mooves to sell. I’d buy one right now!!

If I win the lottery, I am going to just buy all the rest of the monkey fists to get it, BUT I will give you half!

Just aquired this YYE Edition One Drop Dietz from the Buy Sell Trade.