What are you throwing in 2018?

What yo-yo are you throwing today?

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this one


I’ve been big into the Parlay lately.


Nice! That looks like something Jason Wong got his hands on.

just got it back from gruntbull. i was told the original colorway was from jason wong and then told differently. i didn;t like the washed out faint pink that it was so i sent it off to gruntbull after thanksgiving and got it back the day after christmas. they did a beautiful job


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Lilith nonetheless!

Orca with spool thread

Tundra and SFSS


888, endeavour, shu-ta and tundra

Gsquared Wolf World Breaker

^ :o

Veritas Pro, Parlay, Deep State

Throwing the zeppelin, monolith, grasshopper X and bff

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Tundra kind of day

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the m8’s are great with zipline strings

Draupnir and a aire jp edition