YYF Release


Sorry, I live way out of the yoyo loop(most people in my town, that’s right town, have never seen anything besides a Duncan butterfly :-\ ). Anyway, I was wondering what this event is, and when they will be releasing the new models.


They will be releasing New Models/colorways online and at Worlds this weekend.

There’s already a thread about this. Look here!  :slight_smile:


Yupp, my thread is getting a good amount of traffic. But just to answer your question, YYF will be releasing new models all weekend (friday, saturday, sunday). There has been 3 new releases already today (New Protostar, Luis’ Genesis, and New Loop 1080s), and my guess is that there will be 2 more releases each day for the remaining three days. :slight_smile:


On Yoyoexpert they just released a bunch of cool new Protostar colors.


They now have the new Wutang HOT, Genesis, an awesome looking galaxy edition Proton, and the new Supernova is out and if you buy one it comes with a free Severe. Awesome deal. I have spent too much. I got a team edition Superstar, 7075 Genesis, Orange Genesis, and the WuTang HOT


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Tyler has such a hipster look.