YYF at nats?

Does anyone know if any of the new releases will be at nats? yyf is releasing like 7 new ones, and I got my eye on the genesis! Will it be out by then?



First, there are 10 new releases - not 7.

YoYoFactory’s new ones will be released at Worlds, and I think Nationals is after Worlds, so they will be out by then. And probably at Nationals besides.

Yes, they will be out.

Here’s the list of the current 8 we know about now:

  1. C13
  2. Pocket Change
  3. Die Nasty
  4. BOSS
  5. Adjust-O-Matic
  6. Genesis
  7. Buddha King 2
  8. Counter Attack
  9. N/A
  10. N/A