Unofficial New YYF release Thread! *Updated!*


The Die-nasty!

First colorway of the C13’s!

Newly designed Loop 720’s! Lower Price!

The pocketchange!

Loop 900!


Catch 13!
Updated whenever a new yoyo comes out. :wink:


Loops 900’s!!! Shinji favorite! :smiley:

Do I see some starbursts in that 900, or is it just the fact that it’s almost midnight here.

would they sell them online or only at worlds
p.s on the website it says that the pocket change is going to be about 15 dollars

The 900s?

The 900 will probably ship to stores. I guess all their yoyos will.

ohh becase i like that pocket change and one of the reasons instead of buying a velocity ill probably wait for them to get in stock

Looks like YoyoFactory is making some yo-yo’s that are actually affordable :p.

I want the Adjust-O-Matic, And C13

Wow… I have got to try out those yo-yos. Especially the Adjust-O-Matics and the Pocketchange. ;D

I might want a C13, they look amazing! I might also want, um, EVERYTHING!!! They’re all so cool, the C13 just looks the coolest so far. We’ve still got 6 left though!

hahaha. C13… Aluminium.

Dv888 Hectic Frantic.

Where have you been? :stuck_out_tongue:


I want them all

Man it looks like YYF is just pulling out all the stops this year. Can’t wait for the next ones to come out!

Can’t wait to see what’s next!

The Adjustomatics look interesting…

Indeed they do. But what are the other yo-yo’s on the picture?

The worlds countdown google page says its a 401sd.

Oh thanks! I don’t know why they put them in the picture withe Adjust- O -Matics.

They’re re-releasing it in a few weeks.