New release in yoyonation!

Hey guys,
I got an email from Pat Cuartero that there is a new yoyo(s) is coming very soon to yoyonation (not restock yoyos). Sorry, I’m not telling you what yoyo is it, just want to let you know. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

I know the Radioactive spill on Black is dropping tonight.

Also, I think I want to do the notification thing also. Where do you go to get notifications from YYN?

What do you mean “the Radioactive spill on Black”?

Happy Throwing! =]

That’s what the colorway is called. I think it is here already…

yeah I know this from yoyofactory ben ,that looks like Boyd vs. Augie yoyo, But that’'s not what Pat told me.

Happy Throwing! =]

How’d you get Pat to tell you?

There is this sign up thing where you can get informed of new releases beforehand.

WHAT??? no…heh…

Happy Throwing! =]

Where do you sign up?

just ordered my black/yellow splash 888 from yoyoeXpert!!!

I forgot :wink:

Sorry :smiley:

cool! i’ll check back on yoyonation.