Best Place for New Release News

New to throwing and looking to start a nice collection. I keep hearing people say that they were a few hours late for a release and the color they wanted sold out. What is the best place to go to find out details on new releases so one can be prepared with exact release times for new yoyo drops? Im sure going to a specific brands website would work but im thinking more for release news on all the major brands in one place if there is such a place.
Much appreciated!


Instagram is the first thing that comes to my mind, all the brands usually slowly post teasers of new products and then the release time in a post (and usually also the shop, with experience you will learn that the biggest shops are a couple), if you are interested in collect use instagram to follow all the brand you are interested, I am pretty sure this is the easier way.
There are also discord channels and groups but probably will be harder to follow all of them


Your best bet is to follow the brands you like on social media sites or sign up for their email newsletter if they have one. Here on YYE, you can set notifications for new releases by going to the releases and restocks page, then hit the notification bell icon and set it to “Watching First Post”. Then, you’ll get an email whenever a new release is posted here.


I’ve found that there’s no longer a good like, aggregate of yoyo news anywhere, I usually get announcements from discord servers and just paying attention to the brands I like on instagram.


Good advice! One other suggestion if you’re looking for One Drop yoyos, they usally post pictures of new releases on their Flickr account before they release specific drop info.
Lets you get a bit of an early heads-up.

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