New YoYo Awareness Thread


I thought it might be a good idea for us to have this thread. If you see a new yoyo for sale or hear about a new one coming out, just post about it here. This way, we can keep everything in one place and help everyone get the yoyos they want.

If you think this is a bad idea Andre, I’ll just delete it.


Well as this is a great idea I think we should just start new threads instead of posting them here.


That creates a lot of clutter because there can be repeat posts. I got this idea from a site called

They use it to let other members know when new nerf guns are coming out. It works really well. Just think if you want to get a Peak, but don’t know when one is coming and don’t have time to check YYN everyday. You can just subscribe to this thread and find when you can get one. If Andre has a problem with it, then I’ll lock it, but as of now I think it is a good idea.

We can also post rumors of new yoyos. This can keep all of the facts in one place. I’ve seen a bunch of stuff about a plastic version of the Jamboo, but its spread out over multiple threads and very confusing.


The CLYW YoYo Blog says that Wooly Marmots should be released sometime in June or July.

New Run of BvMs…

Bassalope coming in June…

New M1s…

Black Smoke Now on Sale…

Sunset Red Pistoleros…


YoYoFactory Plans:,47236.0.html